Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Chance for Freedom

In 24 hours we will know who our next president will be. This is everyone's last chance to do right by America. I have to admit that Obama talks a good game, hell a great game. So if you are thinking of voting for this poser, here are some thoughts to ponder. Obama wants to give a rebate to people who pay nothing in taxes. Need I say more than bread and circuses? Obama wants windfall profit taxes on the oil companies. Who do you think will pay those taxes, the oil companies or the American people? Not that Obama will mind, people not being able to afford to drive will make him happy, but it is a long 16 miles to work for me, how about you. Obama says that he respects an individual's right to bear arms. Check his voting record, he will have our guns banned quicker than you think possible. Obama wants to redistribute our wealth. So did Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Poll Pot. Communism killed 106 million, makes Hitler's holocaust look like a tea party. Obama says he will continue to support our allies such as Israel. Yet he will sit down with that whack job Mahmūd Ahmadinejād unconditionally. I wonder why large segments of the Jewish community want to vote for this guy when he is willing to sell out their mother country. So think about this and make your voice heard, there is still time to save this country. I disagree with McCain on many issues, but Obama Bin Laden scares me. Didn't we already have eight years of this type of non-sense during the Clinton Administration? Don't vote McCain. Vote conservative, we can't afford Obama.


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