Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC Sells Out

ABC has at last given up every claim to journalistic integrity and objectivity. Today ABC will be "The Platform" for The Chosen One's attempt to to put socialized health care over on the American People. To find out why socialized medicine is such a boondoggle, see this previous post. This will be a day long infomercial for our beloved Party Chairman and his scheme to control Americans in yet another way. ABC will not allow dissenting opinions today. So you might ask what ABC is selling out for? Unprecedented exclusive access to information about The Chosen One's health care plan, the chance to lick Fearless Leader's boots, and the chance to broadcast all the day's news from the White House. This is quite a coup for the ABC news staff, but tosses aside the last shreds of objectivity. Personally I would want a butt-load (that's a technical term) of money to sell my soul, on top of all the other stuff the "Party" is ponying up.
So why is the Kenyan-in-Chief being so secretive and squashing all dissent? Where is that transparency we were promised? The Chosen One wants to steal your choice in health care. Sure they say it for "our own good," but when has anything Comrade Obama done been good for us? He will start out allowing us a choice, maybe. but then businesses and individuals will lose their tax exemption. Businesses will no longer be able to afford to offer insurance to their employees, and the employees, of the few that can, won't be able to afford it either. So at this point what will be the options available? None other than CommieCare. Now even those who choose to stand proud and free, beholden to no man will be put on the dole. But what will come next will be even worse.
CommieCare will likely start out funded and with few demands on the health care system. But as surely as night follows day, the government will start making demands saying, "We pay the bill, you must do as we say." That is how government works. Don't believe, look what is going on here in Oregon. (about half-way down the page) Soon after we will see the start of rationed care. One of my favorite writers, Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Alzheimer's. What did the UK health plan do for him? Because of budget cutting rationing of care, they told him he was to young to receive treatment for that ailment. Fortunately for him he is wealthy and can buy his treatment. But what about you citizen? Are you rich? I'm sure as hell not. At that point we are well and truly screwed brothers and sisters. But wait there's more. Soon the doctors will leave the profession. Why would they bother if there is no money in it for them? All that will be left are the dregs who have to do something for a living. At that point our system will be no better than Cuba's . Now if you are a neo-lib you probably believe Michael Moore's claims and think that would be just peachy, but I don't, even their dictator called out for service.
Why is it that everywhere there is "universal health care" there are long lines, poor service and people of means coming here for treatment? If America has such poor service, as the Party Chairman claims, then how come when Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi needed a pacemaker he came here? Doesn't Italy have universal and health care and claim to provide better service? Why I do believe they do. If it it so good, how come Ciampi waited a month just so his procedure could be performed away from home by "inferior" doctors? Makes you think huh?
I urge every reader to boycott ABC today. Stand up for the freedom of information and speech. But don't stop there. Contact your Congressmen and Senators. Flood their e-mails, lock up their phone systems. Tell them we want to choose how we receive health care, not have it foisted upon us.

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