Tuesday, July 14, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

Today's entry is well known, but not for why she is an American Hero. The official story of her service would make her one of the more unsung heroes, but their are rumors that her service was of a more covert nature. Today's patriot is Julia Child. As a long time professional cook, I have always liked Julia, but at some point in the murky past, I was told a fascinating story about Mrs. Child. Few people know, though the information is out there for those who look, but Mrs. Child worked for the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. The official story is that she was a research assistant and file clerk for General William J. Donovan, the director of OSS. This alone is enough to make her a patriot, but wait there is more. Someone I worked with, used to work with Mrs. Child in a kitchen. Anyone who has seen Julia's show knows she likes a drink, likes another drink, likes a third drink, could you make that a double. He said that in a moment of uhhhhhhh, let's call it giddiness, she hinted to her co-workers that she might have played a more active role in her aid to the war effort. Ever the skeptic, I did some research, but could find little. What is striking to me, is the dearth of information on what exactly she did for the spy agency. Either way, she is an American hero, and this weeks American patriot.