Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is Hollywierd Starting to Get It?

I took my oldest daughter and wife to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on Friday. It was a great family movie, if your kids are not under about 7-8 years old. So at one point, the Decepticons make their presence known to the world, and demand that Sam Witwicky, a college age kid, be turned over to them, because or something he knows that the bad guys want. Around this time, The Chosen One gets a mention, there is a film clip on an on screen television of Air Force One, and the commentator says that, "President Obama has been moved to a secret bunker." In a later scene, The Chosen One's National Security Advisor is talking with a multi-national task force that hunts down the Decepticons. He tells the team to stand down and the team asks him what is going on. The NSA says that diplomatic channels are being opened. The soldier accuses the NSA, and by extension, the administration, of selling out a boy to save their skins. The NSA says that, "all options are "on the table." The government then proceeds to hunt down this boy with the obvious intent of selling him out. Now does anyone else see what I saw in this little bit of film. Someone from Hollywierd took a swipe at The Chosen One. I was surprised and delighted. This whole interplay made the administration look very cowardly and self serving. I congratulate Michael Bay for his personal courage to break the lockstep that Hollywierd presents, and actually portraying The Chosen One, and his lackeys, in not only a negative light, but also, I believe, an accurate one. Once again bravo Michael Bay.

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