Monday, July 27, 2009

Joke of the Week

A man walks into an antique store looking for something for his wife. After browsing the shelves for a bit, he asks the shopkeeper for some advice. The shopkeeper says to the man, "I have this rare and unique gift your wife might like." The man asks what it is, and the shopkeeper pulls out a golden rat statue. The shopkeeper shows it to the man and says, "This costs ten dollars, but the story behind it will cost you one hundred." The man declines the story, but purchases the golden rat. He is walking down the street he notices that some rats are following him. He continues on his way, but notices that more rats are starting to following him. The man notices that rats are pouring out of everywhere and following him. He starts to run, but by now thousands of rats are chasing him. The man starts to get really frightened and runs towards the lake. He runs to the end of the pier and tosses the statue into the drink. All of the rats jump into the water and soon drown. The shopkeeper looks up and notices the man has returned. "Ah!" he says, "You have returned for the story." "Hell no!" the man says, "I came back to see if you have a golden statue of a liberal."

Props to G-Man for this one he told me over lunch.

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