Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Flag Yourself

Here is a new movement taking place on the blogosphere.

I flagged myself a week ago, before it was the cool thing to do (I am once again, a trend setter j/k). I had to do it myself because none of my friends would do it for me. }:( I have since flagged every post I put up dealing with CommieCare. If I am lucky I will get a visit from the White House like some of my friends did. In case they visit I have added a special picture just for them:

I found the letter I sent to the White House. All are encourage to write to and tell them what you think of CommieCare. If you do not want to write your own letter, you are welcome to use mine. All I ask is that you drop a line in my comments telling me that you wrote these fascists. So here is my protest letter:

To whom it may Concern,

There is a gentleman on television that is telling vicious lies and half-truths about the proposed health-care legislation. He is grossly misrepresenting the facts and spreading fear of the proposed plan among the population. This man is extremely dangerous, and his lies must be stopped. As this man is of some minor importance, the media is constantly covering his lies and fear-mongering. Please, please put a stop to this man's tirades on health care as soon as is possible. The man's name is Barrack Hussein Obama. I can not reiterate it enough, this man is extremely dangerous and divisive.

How dare you encourage the American people to turn each other in. This is in the worst traditions of the Soviets. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I have been posting regularly on the proposed legislation, and I intend to continue to do so. My blog may only have a small following, but I am doing my part to denounce this blatant power grab. That this country has come to the point where the government feels justified in making important decisions for me, encouraging others to turn me in for my political/policy beliefs and foisting substandard care on my family and myself is a travesty. GET OUT OF MY HEALTH CARE. Shame on all of you for your Orwellian tactics. This is blowing up in your faces, and you are either to arrogant, or to blind to realize it. We do NOT want you in our health care, and soon you will see that we do not want you in office.

Right Wing Extreme


Amusing Bunni said...

Great Letter RWE:
Let us know if you get a response.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thank You. No response as of yet.