Monday, August 17, 2009

Something for the Administration to Ponder

In case none of you know, Honduras recently had an uprising. Their president would not obey their constitution, so they threw the bum out. They did not kill him, and their is not some two-bit corporal calling himself grand imperial leader or some such nonsense. Instead the supreme court of that country ordered the military to remove him. This could be a model for what we need to do with our leader that will not follow OUR constitution. The Chosen One and his gang or idiots might want to keep this in mind as they call a large number of angry Americans fakes, Nazis and kooks. Maybe ponder this result when they spit on our nation and force Marxist policies on us. I am sure their buddy Hugo will keep a light on for them. Mr. President, our nation operates under the principle of Sola Constitutiones Principis. For those who don't speak Latin, that means "By the Constitution Alone." It took me a good while to look up the correct translation and to properly conjugae it, but it was worth it. We are mad, we are angry, and we vote.


Amusing Bunni said...

We can only hope the military would wake up and cart off obama for being an enemy from within.
He should be hung and/or propped up against a wall for treason.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Now now Bunni, while it might be fun to watch tyrants and traitors dance the hemp fandango, I think the Hondurans did it right, they took their president and said, "Get OUT!" Since The Chosen One is always saying how much he hates America and thinks Europe is a great model for government, maybe we should buy Dear Leader, his hideous fucking chud of a wife and their two kids one way tickets to France, and the frogs are welcome to them.