Thursday, September 17, 2009

Advice To The Chosen One

Not that I think he will listen, but today I am going to offer a little career advice to Dear Leader. I am also going to e-mail it to the White House so that the current presidential encumbrance, errrr... incumbent can maybe start to do the will of the people like he was elected to do, rather than force his piss-poor Marxist theories down our throats. Do not bet on a response, but if the planets align during a blue moon I will post it.

1. If you want a day of service as a tribute to the fallen of 9/11 try this. Declare 9/11 a day or remembrance. Declare 9/12 a day of service. Encourage the people to go out and help the less fortunate, build houses for the homeless, send a care package to a soldier abroad etc. That would have been fitting and something ALL the people could have gotten behind. Do NOT encourage people to think green to remember the fallen of a terrorist attack. WAY inappropriate.

2. On days when the people are mourning, share their grief. Give a speech from your heart, not some lackluster nonsense, then cut out to go paint a house.

3. Drop the pretense. Twice I have seen you engaged in activities better suited to shorts and a t-shirt rather than dress clothes. Playing basketball with inner-city kids and painting houses in a dress shirt and slacks does not make you look majestic. I only makes you look like you have know idea what you are doing, and is probably very uncomfortable.

4. TELL THE TRUTH. If you say you are not going to hire lobbyists, then do not hire lobbyists. You said you would run the "most transparent administration in history." Yet you hide all kinds of information. If you were to speak truthfully and plainly, people may not like your ideas any more than when you obfuscate the facts, but they will respect you more. People who are well respected have an easier time getting their ideas across and convincing others to go along with them.

5. Resist the urge to throw the weight of your office around to help your friends. As case and point, I offer the backlash leveled against you when you called police stupid to help out "Skip" Gates.

6. Listening to what the people want rather than what you want does not make you weak. It will make you a good representative of the people. In case you never studied the US Constitution while you were growing up in Indonesia, this is the primary duty of all public servants.

7. Civil servant means servant of the people. It is not semantically equal to civil master.

8. 52% is NOT a mandate from the people.

9. You were not enthroned, canonized or divinely appointed. You were elected.

10. All glory is fleeting.

11. Despite what your aides tell you, the sun does shine from your rectum.

12. Surrounding yourself with yes-men leads to hubris.

13. Just because people dislike your ideas, theories and policy decisions does not mean they are racist.

14. Socialism is a bad thing that is why all the experiments with it have collapsed, shifted towards capitalism or forced the general population to live is squalor. National Socialism is worse. It caused the people of the world to rise up and destroy a nation.

15. Listen to other people of a wide variety of opinions. Listening to yourself too much leads to hubris as well.

16. Cavorting with known communist and socialist dictators hurts you credibility in a democratic republic.

17. Stop talking and listen for a change.

18. World Apology Tours only work for personal actions. Americans want a leader who will love and support this country as much as we do.

19. Everyone thinks Kanye is an ass-hat too. You however are the president, and the most powerful leader in the free world. People, especially the drive-by media, hangs on your ever word. Try to show a little dignity huh?

20. Compromise only works when you get input from all sides, not by freezing out the opposition.

21. You do not have all the answers. It is okay to admit this.

22. Most people want to make choices for themselves. We do NOT want Big Mother doing it for us.

I think if The Chosen One could remember to follow these few simple suggestions, we would have a much stronger nation and more justice for all. He would also build a strong legacy that all Americans could be proud of. Even if we do not get some form of socialism. I ask you, is that so bad?


christian soldier said...

I like your ending battle cry! :-)
There is to be no royalty in the US...
The motto of the Revolution was "No King But Kin Jesus" a little known fact...
George Washington was offered a crown ..he refused-


Right Wing Extreme said...

You are exactly right. Keep reading, keep the faith and keep you powder dry.