Tuesday, September 1, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

I blatantly stole this from Publia at Wilmette. I often write about Founding Fathers and soldiers, but I saw this story about an average person, a child no less, and thought it fitting.

Adonis Bell is an 11 year old fifth-grade student at Gompers elementary school in Chicago. His bravery, along with his ability to pay attention and follow directions saved the lives of seven members of his extended family living on South Wentworth Avenue in Chicago last week, when fire engulfed his grandmother's house. "A fireman came to our school," said young Bell, recounting that the fireman told his class, that in case of fire, "Get myself and everybody out. He told us not to grab any stuff. Just get out." When Adonis discovered the fire at 3:30 am last Wednesday, that is precisely what he did, grabbing first his god-sister, Jordan Hobbs, 2, pictured in the photo. After he told her to hang onto the front yard fence, Adonis then checked on the rest of his family, making sure that they exited the building. After assembling his family away from the burning structure, he went to a neighbor's for help. Textbook fire safety and one smart student! While all material things have been lost, Adonis' family is alive and well, and living at the home of a relative. Further information is available at the original article at the Sun-Times.

You done good son. You are a real American Hero


Since it was a few days since I stole this post and wrote my little bit at the begining, there has been new developments. The Mayor, Deyon Dean, and the town have purchased a new house to honor the heroic deeds of this young man who has been homeless since the fire. Just goes to show that there are some decent people out there.

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