Monday, September 7, 2009

Symbol Suggestions for the Administration

Being that The Chosen one is so fond of symbols, I have a few suggestions for him. Some are in poster form to make it easy for the administration to utilize them. I hope you enjoy them sir.

For the new Medical Field after CommieCare passes:

To help recruit citizens for his new civilian security force:

I also have a suggestion for the name of this security group. How about the Green Shirts. Mr. President, what do you think?

A symbol for the 2012 election:

Here is a little something to help pass his next masterpiece of communist legislation:

Here is a recruiting poster to help get the children involved:

Here is a public service warning sign for anyone who is thinking about protesting the administration's march towards communism:

Here is an election poster for The Chosen One for the 2012 election:

I hope the administration appreciates the help and my hard work on their behalf. I certainly enjoyed collecting these symbols and poster for them. Here is one more to show my feelings for the administration: