Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Think it Can't Happen Here

The woman pictured above is Fiona Pilkington. formerly of Barwell, Leicestershire, England. Fiona supposedly committed suicide with her eighteen year-old disabled daughter by setting themselves on fire in the family Nissan Micra. She felt driven to kill her daughter and herself because a gang of street thugs had been terrorizing her family for over a decade. Self immolation is an odd way to kill oneself, unless you are a protesting Buddhist monk, so I will not hesitate to postulate that these "feral children" possibly killed these two women, but the police have ruled it a suicide. I do feel that there is cause to be dubious about any conclusions drawn by the local police, and soon you will too. These little bastards threw rocks, flour and eggs at her house, trampled her hedges, urinated on her house, verbally abused her and her daughter and severely beat her son then locked him into a shed where he was held at knife point. Further to the other actions, they put dog excrement and firecrackers through her door by way of the letterbox, set her fence on fire, threatened to kill her son and screamed at the family in the middle of the night. To make matters worse, this woman called the police more than thirty times, wrote to two Members of Parliament and her councilmen. What did they police do for her? They gave her a diary so that she could track the incidents. I have to say that this was obviously not very effective at ending the problem. The cops did nothing to help this poor woman, but tell her she was over reacting. In fact at the inquiry one cop made the following statement, "[L]ow-level hooliganism is no longer the responsibility of the police." This woman may have taken her own life, but she was murdered by an unfeeling police force, an uncaring legal system and a gang of thugs. In one of life's twisted bits of irony, the police have given police protection to the family of some of boys that drove this poor woman to insanity. Now that the inquest is done, those that didn't care until there was public outcry are now looking for someone to blame, and they have apparently settled on the police. Pictured below is Alex Simmons the ring-leader of this bunch of murderous thugs.

In America, this story would not have gone down this way. The headline on my blog would read, "Terrorized Woman Cures Lead Deficiency for Violent Thug." Fiona would have purchased a gun and sent this little bastard to hell, but seeing as how the police would not help and that guns are all but illegal in England all that happens is the police get chided and this skid mark gets police protection from his righteously angry neighbors. This whole mess is shameful.

As the title reads, don't think it can't happen here. There is a whole group of pansies, who because they fear guns want to take them from the hands of the law abiding, who simply want to protect themselves and their families. They pray everyday that The Chosen One will ban all guns outright. So what is the problem? The police are here to protect you, aren't they? WRONG! You, citizen, have NO presumption of police protection. SCOTUS has ruled on this time and again. This is even true in the fascist cities that ban guns. So what can we do? How do we protect ourselves, our spouses or our children when seconds count and the police are just minutes away? Well the answer is obvious, shot the bastards down. It is time to insist on our rights. Demand that your state enact the castle doctrine if they have not already done so. Demand shall-issue permits. Tell the gun-grabbers, "HANDS OFF!" Demand your rights as a free American. I live in an armed household. Even my eight year old owns a rifle and knows how to use it. If we do not stand up for our rights brothers and sisters, then I invite you to reread the story of Fiona Pilkington. Look at Europe and their restrictive laws, because if we do not stop the liberals now, therein lies our future. Do not think for a second that this can not happen here in America, everyday we limp closer to becoming a second Europe.


Anonymous said...

this int fair is it i no all of um and it wasnt just him at all like evry 1 is sayin it started 13 yr a go so he wud of bin 3 it the poices folt 4 nt sortin it out 4 them and hw can he b the ring leader ther is 2 biger and older lads in the group bt ya neva ere ther name do ya no so hw the fuk can u say its just him i do not no

Right Wing Extreme said...

Anon 11/19 6:25,
I am not sure why you posted anonymously as all are welcome to post here, and encouraged to do so openly. I have only ever deleted one comment, and that due to it's extremely vile nature, so unless you have other reasons for maintaining anonymity, please post openly. You missed my point entirely. I included the story of the Pilkingtons as background and a warning of where America is headed, and how close we are to the dreadful set of circumstances that allowed this sad story to happen. I will however address your concerns. I do realize that Alex was not the sole perpetrator, and even mentioned such in my post when I said, "She felt driven to kill her daughter and herself because a gang of street thugs had been terrorizing her family for over a decade." The reports I had read, said that this nonsense had been going on for eleven years, and would have made Alex 5 or so, when it started. Obviously this makes him too young to be culpable for his actions, AT THAT TIME, but where is the magic age of responsibility? My eldest is eight years old, knows right from wrong, and I hold her responsible for her actions. By that meter stick, that still leaves Alex responsible for eight years of the crimes he committed against this woman. You are completely right that no other responsible party got mentioned by name, at least not in any of the reports that I could find, and as my post does the same. This makes me part of the problem rather than part of the solution. On that note I offer you this Anon, send me the names of the others responsible. Send me their pictures as well. I would be happy to give them the treatment they deserve, and put them on par with Alex. I have to call you on questioning his status as the ringleader. Many years ago in the city I grew up in, there was a one night crime spree that consisted of vandalizing cars, damaging personal and city property, tagging, and ended with attempted arson on a local Lutheran church. I knew three of the four boys who committed these crimes. Their ages were sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen. Guess who the ring leader was? It was a boy named Linwood who was sixteen years old, so do not say it can not happen, it can, and does. His status as ringleader is honestly immaterial to me. He tortured this woman with the aid of his cronies. His guilt is not dependent on whether he was a leader or a follower. I am not sure if you have "Guilt by Association" in the UK, but here in America he is every bit as responsible for any and all actions of the gang if he is with them at the time those actions are perpetrated. I realize that living in a culture that recognizes, and accepts the legal concept of "Guilt by Association" colors my thinking, and may seem alien to a culture that does not use the same legal principle. As I said previously, his guilt is neither increased, nor decreased, based on his status within his gang. The are all guilty of murder in my eyes, whether they lit the match or unbalanced her to the point where she did it herself does not matter.

Anonymous said...

sorry i stumbeld onto this post, knowing that eveyrthing you have said is exactly and 100% rigt these kids howerver age should be punished and dealt with accordingly for what they have done. and i fell so sorry for all of this womens families because one day the children that did this, it will all come back around and onto them.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Anon 10/24/2010,
You are right that these hooligans should be punished. Hells bells, ship them over here and I volunteer to give these punks the discipline they obviously need. I might have to teach it at the end of a cattle prod, but they would definitely straighten out.