Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where is the President?

Today we enter the 255th day of the current administration, yet I have yet to see the president. I see the man who won the election, I see the candidate, but I have yet to see the president.

Obviously I know that The Chosen One has taken office, but what I want to know is when will we see the switch from candidate to president. Typically most presidents make the switch a few weeks prior to the inauguration, but here we are nine and a half months or so into the administration, and still we are without a president. This man acts like he is still on the campaign trail. He has given 265 speeches, interviews etc as of the thirteenth of this month. This is not how a president behaves. I know he promised to "change" the system of government, but to date, the only change I have seen in how government is run, is an absentee president. Even the left is starting to take notice as evidenced by this article. Even more amusing, is the analysis in this article that his tactics do not work. Even his acolytes are deeply disappointed.

Hurry-up Huessein realizes that the weight of the president is a powerful tool that can be used to leverage legislation through the process. What he has yet to realize is that the more the president is seen, the less effect each appearance has. He has diluted his undeniable charisma, and worse, his dubious credibility. Some people stop listening because they get bored, but far, far more cease because the know he is trying to cover the lie by repeating it over and over again in the hopes that someone will be convinced by his earnestness. Me thinks the lady doth protest to much.

Beyond all of that, he is an obvious narcissist. Since he has "taken office," he has referred to himself in his speeches just shy of twelve-hundred times. This deeply damaged man loves the sound of his own voice, and the cult of personality that has grown up around him. When he addresses the masses, he rarely has anything of substance to say, so much so, that the damned surrender monkeys are embarrassed by the guy. It is a sad day indeed when the French have to give lessons to an American president on how to be a hawk.

The Chosen One has made a mistake that thinking that the future of our great nation is best served if America is seen as being "cool." This tactic does not work in parenting, and just as assuredly does not work in the leadership of a nation. Just as the child with the "cool" mom aches for an actual parent, so to does a nation cry out for a leader. Hopefully before we are the laughing stock of the world, The Chosen One will realize that being thought well of does not necessarily equal respect. This nation was once respected as a power and a leader of the free world. Not so today. Making nice with every dictator he can lay his hands on, and apologizing all over the world for your nation does not earn you respect, only contempt. The kind of allies that are snuggling up to the Kenyan-in-Chief are at best, fair weather friends who will desert us as soon as it is expedient to do so.

It is because of the left's, and specifically the president's, weakness that is the cause of the increase in terrorist activity. The Islamofascists know we have a weak-willed nancy in office, and they see now as the perfect time to attack. Say what you will about Bush the Younger, he kept the terrorists at bay. Granted that The Chosen One has captured more terrorists on our soil, but the point is that fewer were willing to come here to make an attempt. This idiot is making it more dangerous just to go about your daily life. I wonder if this is the change that so many signed up for, somehow I doubt it.


Z said...

oh, my been poking around inside my brain, RWE? How many times have I thought and said this only not quite so eloquently?
Actually, I'm sorry you wrote this: I've been hoping I'd just gone overboard from disgust and he can't be THAT BAD. But, he IS.
Your analogy to parenting really struck me; THAT, I HAD NOT thought of and it's so true.
Excellent and scary post....

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thank you much Z.

Anonymous said...

Obama will never stop the campaigning.

Right Wing Extreme said...

So it seems Fuzzy, so it seems.