Sunday, February 28, 2010

D'Oh Canada

It will come as little surprise that hockey is one of my favorite sports. This being the case, I watched the entire Gold Medal matchup between the United States and Canada. Congratulations to the Canadian Mens Hockey Team. It is disappointing that this victory did not go to the American Team, but if it could not be us, than I am glad it was you. It is sad to say, but Canada wanted it more, and played a better game. It is difficult to score when you can not keep the puck out of your own ice. Still and all there is no shame in Silver, and my congratulations go out to all three medaling teams. You have brought glory to your homelands, and it must be especially gratifing to the Canadian team to win on your own turf. We'll get you next time though. Observation: This matchup seemed to me like a NHL Allstar game. Fun Fact: A member of the American team plays for the Vancouver Canucks. How wierd to lose on your home ice in such a way. Fun Fact #2: A member of each team that was in compition will be playing as team mates when the NHL season resumes.

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