Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pro-Choice? Choice My Aching Ass!

Super-Bowl has come and gone, and with it the Tebow Pro-Life commercial. First, let us address the idiocies of the leftists. They made a huge fuss over this ad. If they had just kept their stupid mouths shut, this ad would not have gotten anywhere near the publicity that it did. The only thing the Pro-Murder InfanticideChoice crowd could have done to to make this ad more widely known would have been to announce that, because of Tim Tebow's story, Planned Parenthood will no longer perform abortions because they have decided it is murder.

"I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it," she told the Los Angeles Times. "That's what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don't find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself." - Terry O'Neill (NOW President)

This ad is the embodiment of choice. Mrs. Tebow risked her own life to do what was right for her. Review the ad, that is why I included it, she never says abortion is immoral, wrong., or in any way advocates anything. She merely puts the family's story out there where the people can take from it what they will. The fact that the Pro-"Choice" crowd even squawked at all is proof of their hypocrisy. They want to crush all dissenting opinions/stories. The mere fact that someone dares speak out against their agenda of infanticide shows them to be anti-choice and true leftists. Silly Christian, sit down, shut up and stop rocking the boat or we will throw you over the side.

"Hey Mom! Tried to kill you from the womb and failed. How about a blind side tackle? Violence against Moms." - Amanda Marcotte (Abortion Advocate) on Twitter

So in they come with their attacks. They say she is a liar, as abortion was not legal, and therefore not an option, in that time and place. Again they show their idiocy. In the Philippines abortion was indeed legal if it was medically necessary to save the life of the mother, which the doctors felt it was in this case. Then they said that the ad promoted violence towards women because Tim tackled his mother. This from the same crowd that says that all sex is coerced at best, and is in fact rape. Thanks NOW, your very existence drags the women's rights movement back fifty years. Yet not a peep was heard about this Snickers ad, where not only is an elderly woman tackled, but also portrays women as poor at sports. They support women like The Chosen One brings hope.

"Seriously, if you didn't know the context -- and context is everything in the case -- you would wonder what all the fuss was about. I was surprised by how lightly it touched on the difficult-pregnancy story (although there is the "miracle baby" reference)." - Tom Krattenmaker (Author of Onward, Christian Athletes)

I should not expect anything else from this group. After all Margaret Sanger, the face of the birth-control movement, and founder of Planned Parenthood, was a monster. Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who advocated for disabled, poverty stricken, racial minorities and others she deemed to be genetically unfit to be banned from reproducing. The only thing I can not understand about the Pro-"Choice" movement, is why they are such advocates of abortion when their founder was initially against abortion, but later flip-flopped. Can they not see the hypocrisy? Sanger said, "[T]hat abortion was the wrong way—no matter how early it was performed it was taking life[.]" She also wrote in Woman and the New Race "I assert that the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization." Later her change of heart about the utility of abortion led her to go on record as saying, "The "Abortion Movement" will do very well to rid the country of the blacks." So why did she change her views? First it is murder but later it is apparently acceptable as long as it is applied to the "genetically unfit" and minorities. Again we see that in the leftist, Pro-Murder mind, morality is only an expediant, a new purer race is desirable, and that the minorities they pine away for when the cameras are rolling, are to be gotten rid of. There used to be a label for people like this, it was NAZI. Hitler has similar ideas about dealing with the "genetically unfit."

"The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind." - Margaret Sanger

Allow me to educate you, brothers and sisters, on a common tactic in open debate. When you do not have logical, well reasoned arguments to present, the poor debater falls back to personal attacks. I have yet to see one well thought out, logical objection to the Tebow ad. Instead we are presented with a united front of attacks on the Tebow family, Tim as a two time attempted matricide, promoting violence against women and specious, slanderous lies about Mrs. Tebow. No thought is given to an open and free exchange of opinions. No united sisterhood to support a woman who had to make the toughest CHOICE anyone could face. Attack! Attack! Attack! Who cares if we have not a leg to stand upon. To hell with morality, it is an outmoded concept anyway, and has no place in the "Glorious Future" butchers of children envision for our great nation. Opposition MUST be silenced! Dissent MUST be crushed, ruthlessly! Push the agenda at all costs! Let me tell you brothers and sisters, when the weak have no other options, they do not retire from the field to fight another day and another way. No, the weak attack, regardless of the foolishness of doing so. Personally I think they are just peeved that they did not think of this angle first.


Mike aka Proof said...

The so called "pro-choice" crowd has never been about choice, if the choice was adoption, carrying the infant to term, or educating the pregnant woman as to the development of the life within her.
The only "choice" for the pro-choice" is abortion. Like Henry Ford's "Any color you want, so long as it's black!"

Right Wing Extreme said...

It is sad to say, but you are correct. Choice exists as long as it is the one they wat you to select, other than that you are as bad as a murderer. Odd how that stigma does not apply to those who actually commit the murder of innocents.