Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday

Tip O' the Hat to Ray Schneider at Political Brambles for this weeks debunk of all that greenie-weenie nonsense.

The "Going Green" Fraud! It's Not Going to Happen. It's a Scam!

SEE HERE The laws of physics are not going to be repealed and unfortunately that is what would have to happen for the "going green" nonsense to make any sense. If you all want to starve to death you can stop using energy, but since most people are not that nuts it isn't going to happen. Why not? Aren't wind and solar and all that just great? Well there is the slight problem that they're unreliable and don't work when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine. But it is actually worse than that. They are also relatively inefficient, so even when they do work they don't work all that well. You can do some of it if you like. It's expensive, much more expensive than conventional hydrocarbon based fuels and it has side effects like everything else. If you did manage to shift to it (which can't actually happen but we can imagine it) then the same bunch of kooks would be moaning about bird strikes, noise, disposal of solar panels and whatever else they can complain about. The green crowd won't be happy until Gaia has lost it's cognitive dimension, i.e. until man has died out. That's what it comes down to.


Fenway_Nation said...

So....she's peeing rainbows?

Right Wing Extreme said...

ROFLMAO. I guess so.