Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day: The Chosen One Style (I Mean The Chosen One Has No Style)

Tip O' the Hat to Ray Schneider over at Political Brambles for this. I could not have said it better myself.

SEE HERE "... The truth is that no president has missed the Arlington ceremony on Memorial Day since 1992. ..." Obama is a relatively young president. He's never served in the military. In fact he's never really worked for a living in anything most of us would recognize as a real job. He has about the same sense of the military as Bill Clinton I'd expect. It's a symptom of the liberal leftist, collectivist mindset. They all view the military as sort of a lower form of life. So is it really any surprise? I don't think so, but coming from a military family virtually every member of which has served the country, it pisses me off! This guy leaves no opportunity to denigrate America, no rock unturned. No enemy is so wrong as not to be worth listening to and no friend so good as not to be criticized. In truth this president is a great disappointment. I didn't expect anything different since I thought he was an empty suit from the get go. Everything he has done since has pretty much confirmed it. This is just the latest travesty in a long list. November Is Coming!

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