Monday, May 24, 2010

Progressives Are Getting Worried

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

This morning I was in the mood to check out the chatter over in progressive blog land. So, I dropped in at The Progressive. As suspected warnings are out not to underestimate the Tea Party movement or it's growing influence and successful candidates, including Rand Paul. For certain the progressive statist left is feeling threatened right now.

Their approach will be to use emotionalism and baseless claims in their attempt to discredit everything rational about the movement. Sometime in our history we either recognize that government has gotten too large, too intrusive, and too fiscally irresponsible and take steps to reign it in or we lose as a people. Just like Greece is losing now. The charade cannot continue.

In his May 20th short commentary Mathew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine had the following to say:

After Paul’s victory, it’s more likely than ever that Sarah Palin will be the nominee in 2012. And then anything can happen. Including her winning the White House.

Especially after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, which will let corporate America pour billions into the election.

Rand Paul foreshadowed one ad that these corporate dollars are likely to buy: an ad that claims Obama is betraying America. “We now have,” Paul said, “a President who apologizes for America’s greatness.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Palin herself have uttered similar slurs against Obama.

This tag, more than health care, more than the deficit, may be what ultimately costs Obama.So don’t take comfort in the craziness of Rand Paul, or the zaniness of Sarah Palin. Watch out for them.

The progressive left is correct that the Liberty movement is gaining in strength. They are worried that it may overtake the freight train that is currently be guided and conducted by Obama, who is bent on dismantling as much of our national heritage as possible during his time at the helm.

The progressives are right, the movement is growing, what they fail to see is the reason the movement is growing. This good for Liberty, The Tea Party, and ultimately America.

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