Friday, June 18, 2010

Smokin' Weed and Packin' Heat

Tip O' the Hat to Mike Pechar at The Jawa Report for this piece on Oregon insanity. I have no Idea how the hell I ended up living in this insane asylum. I want to know where the hell are all the lefties on this one? Why are they not in the streets not protesting this expansion in gun rights? I guess it is because it expands the rights of marijuana users it is okay to allow this one small expansion in gun rights temporarily until they can roll back the second amendment completely. Hypocrites one and all.

The Oregon State Court of Appeals ruled this week that medical marijuana users cannot be denied concealed handgun licenses, contrary to the opinions of at least two county sheriffs.
The [federal gun control] act states that "an unlawful user ...of any controlled substance" can't own a gun, and the sheriffs contended the federal act trumps Oregon's medical marijuana law.

While federal law prohibits marijuana, Oregon's 12-year-old law legalizes pot possession for residents with a laundry list of qualifying ailments and a doctor's approval.

Consequently, there continues to be a disparity between state and federal law with regard to the medical marijuana issue. The only change is now medical marijuana smokers can be stoned while carrying a concealed weapon.

There is a reason you can not drink and pack a piece, should you be able to get stoned and pack? This idiocy violates the basic rules of gun safety. Before the 4:20 crowd wakes up to harass me that they can only carry when they are sober, I say how can you tell when they are sober?

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