Tuesday, July 13, 2010

American Patriot/Hero of the Week 2.0

Recently I received an e-mail from a coworker saying that the last Lakota Code Talker, Clarence Wolf Guts, has passed away at the age of eighty-six. He was laid to rest, just shy of a month ago, in the Black Hills National Cemetery. Many think that these men were strictly radio jockeys who never got near an enemy, this was not the case. Only a few were safe in a office, the rest worked in some of the heaviest fighting during the war. I attempted to locate a list of all the awards that the Code Talkers recieved from a grateful nation, but I was unable to do so. I do know that they received many, many awards for bravery and courage under fire, and that the Code Talkers from all the Indian nations recieved the Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of their efforts, without which, winning the the war would have been much harder. These are brave men are more than worthy of our highest praise.

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