Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday 2.0

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Meteorologist forecasts drastic cooling

“Think the markets are in the tank? asks meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “Wait till you global temperature watchers get a load of what is coming. The drastic drop being portrayed here is something akin to the kind of cooling we saw with Pinatubo.”

Using data compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bastardi sees a climate crash in the months ahead.

“It looks rather extreme,” says Bastardi. “I mean both poles cold and then 75% of the earth under normal? Geez, I know there is cooling that is going to go on, but this is a bit drastic.”

If the almighty climate models are showing this kind of crash, says Bastardi, “such an event could take the running 13 month temp of the earth next year to -.2 or -.3…”

“As this La Nina, low solar cycle and cumulative volcanic activity means business, then things may be quicker than I thought.”

In NOAA’s forecast, blue represents cold and the tannish to orange colors warm.

NOAA chart from:


thanks to metric for the link..

but we are supposed to be heating up..??

bilderberg did say global cooling didnt they?..hmm

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