Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday

Tip O' the Hat this week to Leslie at Blunt Politics for calling the Global Warming Warriors on their Bull $#!7. Keep up the fight Leslie, we will beat them back and eventually we will the opportunity to take all of their lies, fold them until they are all sharp corners, and cram them up their........well we all get the idea.

Global Warming Update

At a recent Global Warming convention, a few delegates had a disagreement about green-house gases, climate change and whether the mop on top of Al Gore's head was really his own hair. At first the confrontation looked as if it would get heated, perhaps even violent…But after a few drinks and a few off-color stories involving Uncle Al and poodles, at least two of the delegates were able to agree on almost everything (not the toupe) and even became quite good friends.

This spearheaded a new trend among globalist polar bears. Based on recent scientific evidence that is beyond dispute, it appears many polar bears have forsaken their liberal values and are now engaged in eating baby seals, chasing after Eskimos, peeing in the ocean, and have converted to capitalism.

They seem much happier now that they do not have to pose for doctored pictures or kiss Al Gore’s backside.

Needless to say, Uncle Al Gore has become very despondent over this unexpected turn of events. Who ever imagined Capitalist Polar Bears? It may take years of counseling and a few extra visits by massage therapists to recover, but he can at least find some solace in the fact that Washington squirrels are still Democrats and ready to receive all government hand-outs.


~Leslie said...

Thanks for the link and feature of my article! I am always willing to give a swift kick to Gore's multi-million dollar hoax. Call it a satirical hobby of mine. :)

Right Wing Extreme said...

Your hobby and mine. No prob on the feature, I hope it produced traffic for you.