Monday, September 20, 2010

Joke of the Week

Tip O' the Hat to my Dad for forwarding this on to me. Remember, the chance to take back our nation is only forty-three days away. Just an observation, I am posting this from my smart phone as right now I am on my way to Portland to see a doc about my knee, and it takes for freaking ever just to do a small post. It is a good thing I know html or this post would not look like it should, and that would really mess with my OCD.

Twas the Night Before Elections

Twas the night before the elections,
And all through the town,
Tempers were flaring,
Emotions all up and down.

I, in my bathrobe,
With a cat in my lap,
Had cut of the T.V.,
Tired of political crap.

When all of a sudden,
There arose such a noise,
I peered out my window,
And saw The Chosen One and his boys.

They wanted my wallet,
They wanted my pay,
To give to the others,
Who had not worked a day.

He snatched up my money,
Then quick as a wink,
Jumped back on his bandwagon,
As I gagged from the stink.

He then rallied his henchmen,
Who were pulling his cart,
I could tell they were out,
To tear my country apart.

On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers,
On Acorn, on Pelosi,
He screamed at the pairs.

They took off for his cause,
And as they flew out of sight,
I heard him laugh at the nation,
Who would not stand up and fight.

So I leave you to think,
On this one final note,
If you don't want want Socialism,
Get out and vote.



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