Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biden the Artist

There was some SNAFU with my voter registration this year so I had to go down to the County Elections Office. Having never been inside my county building I got a little lost and was wandering around. I passed by the Sheriff's civil office and noticed that there was a big cork-board outside just full of wanted posters. I stopped to looking them over when I noticed this one:

It blows my mind. I mean, I knew that the government had suddenly decided to declare the potato unhealthy, thus alienating America's potato farmers, a major food crop here in the Northwest by the way. I was also aware that the Feds want to tighten there grip on our lives by 0utlawing the humble potato from the public-dole system a.k.a. the Federal School Lunch Program, thus controlling what our kids can and can not eat. However, I was not aware that The Chosen One had let that moron Biden back into the crayon box. Apparently they also let him design the informational poster commanding us peasants that we are not to associate with the potato. Oh well, I guess it keeps him quit.