Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday

I rarely write this column myself. Often I sift the net until I find something that I think would interest you, my readers. A great side effect of this methodology is that I get to plug my fellow bloggers and I get to publish a piece without having to work too hard as I constantly crawl the net for news anyway. Unfortunately I can not for the life of me remember where I ran across this video. I have looked around but still can not place where I first saw it, but I digress.

This video clearly shows how much regard the greenie-wienies have for human life in relation to the importance they place on the environment. This video, titled "No Pressure," is from a "help the environment," global warming mitigation campaign called 10:10. This movie is as appalling as it is eye-opening.

WARNING! - This video depicts graphic violence committed against children, young business persons, amateur athletes, voice-recording artists and other people who are t0o smart to buy into the lies propagated by Dr. Mann, Al Gore and their legion of green idiots who will believe anything as long as they are told it will save the planet, even when it conflicts with that other stuff that will save the planet.

On a side note, if those green-idiots try to force me to toe their line or die, I will unleash a whole can o' Whup-Ass on them. On the plus side the contents of that can will help the Earth by seriously reducing the population pressure and fertilizing the soil, but then again, No Pressure!



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