Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday

Tip O' the Hat to Ray Schneider at Political Brambles for this post on the growing skepticism in the pervasive Global Warming Idiocy. Just a thought.......If the computer models can only predict the weather out to five days or so with any kind of accuracy, what the hell makes these people think that their models are any good at a year, let alone twenty? Just sayin'!

Global Climate Alarmism Being Overwhelmed by Critical Thinking

SEE HERE Bunk is bunk. Global climate alarmism is totally unmotivated by serious science. That's why all the alarmists are climate modelers. It takes relatively little critical thought to realize that there are fundamental foundational problems with the whole story line. My mantra is always "Show me the data" and what I get for my trouble is fundamentally flawed, unvalidated climate models that in many cases are shown to be agenda driven and driven by data that was cherry picked from the beginning. That's called propaganda not science. The world is waking up and about time.

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