Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Gone" Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

You ungrateful racist hillbilly. Obama is doing a lot of good for this country. He is the one pulling us out of this depression and it is foot dragging assholes like you that are making it harder for him to do his job. He loves this country and it is a pity he can't throw you out of it. I am tired of you wannabe KKK members trying to drag him down all of the time. I hope the FBI sees that everytime you talk about Obama you wish him death with your "Death to her enemies" hate mongering. When they come for you and execute you for treason I am gonna laugh on you grave.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Why don't you just go to Iraq or Afghanistan and step on a land mine with all of the other sub humans that America has rightly shipped over there in Bush's illegal war.

G-Man said...

"You ungrateful racist hillbilly"
"all of the other sub humans that America has rightly shipped over there"

Wow are you ever wrong! First off, the poster is not a hillbilly. He's a god damned flat-lander! Lastly, YOU are the one obviously lacking gratitude.

Obama has done nothing for this country not one damned thing. He's sacrificed nothing. Those troops in harm's way they stand to make the greatest sacrifice possible. The war in Afghanistan is Obammy's war now. It's the one he's decided is the "right" front to combat muslim extremists and since you revere him so, perhaps you should elect to serve in his war for him.

Right Wing Extreme said...

# Sand