Thursday, June 18, 2009

Joke of the Week

A task force consisting of a DEA, a BATFE and an FBI agent arrive at a ranch in western Nebraska.
The agents tell the rancher, "We need to inspect your ranch for illegal drugs."
"Help yourself," the old rancher says, "but don't go in that field over there."
The BATFE agent practically explodes. He whips out his badge, sticks it in the rancher's face. "Mister, we have the authority of the Federal Government behind us," he sneers, "and we'll go anywhere we damn well please. Got it ?!"
"Yes, sir," the rancher says.
"Good," the agent says. "Now you can go about your chores and we'll go about ours."
A few minutes later, the old rancher hears screams and looks up to see the agents in the field he warned them about. All three are running for there lives -- close behind is his biggest, meanest bull. With every step the bull is gaining on the agents. They are clearly terrified.
The old rancher immediately throws down his tools, runs to the fence and yells at the top of his lungs...
"Your badges! Show him your badges!"


ParaPacem said...

you want another one?
What's the difference in Michelle Obama and the Knicks?

The Knicks take a shower after their fourth period.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Sicker than usual.