Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Conservative Education

I had intended to do this last night, but I plead a long, crappy day at work and sleep deprivation causing an early night. I have been thinking about this idea for a while now, and now it is time. What I am going to do is, every Monday I am going to post an invitation to any and all, but especially the liberals, to ask a question on, or put forward an opinion on, an “issue of the day,” and, hopefully, what they think is the best solution. On the following Friday, I will pick an issue, question etc. and put forward the Conservative point of view and a Conservative solution to that issue. The goals here are to engage the left in open debate, give everyone a look at how the other side thinks and maybe garner a few converts. Hey, I never said it would be altruistic. Mainly I want to have a little fun poking at the left, add a little education to combat the Kool-Aid, and answer questions for those in the middle who want the “Right” perspective. Mostly I find true political debate intriguing and entertaining. As with all things in life, there will be rules.

My House, My Rules:
1. No Flaming! There are dumb questions and perspectives, which will be dealt with the “Right” way, and there are dumb people. I will not however countenance personal attacks on those with less education or intelligence. The goal here is to learn, even if we do not agree, so everyone play nice. As a rule, I generally do not delete rude comments etc. and probably will not if they are aimed at me, but attacking each other is verboten.
2. If you are just posting an issue, include your perspective and what you think the solution should be. If you are asking a question perspective is not required, but is appreciated. Obviously if you just want to ask a question, you probably do not have a solution of your own, but solutions you have heard would be greatly appreciated. It will definitely give us more to talk about.
3. If you wish to remain anonymous, anonymity will be protected, but I would appreciate it if you send an e-mail, rather than a comment, so that if I want further clarification or whatnot, you can be contacted. Again, names are not required but I would appreciate it, as I think people should stand tall and proud for their beliefs, even if they are different.

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