Friday, July 17, 2009

A Plea For Aid

G-Man over at The Pickle forwarded this Plea for Aid to me. I am poor as a result of the new baby, have little construction experience, and do not live close to give of my time, so I am doing what I can to help by passing it on. If you have anything to give, please do. If you are not able to give anything, please post this on your websites and blogs. The more exposure this gets will translate to more aid for this group. There is contact information near the bottom. All help is appreciated.

A Plea For Aid

A plea for aid arrived in my e-mail box today from the 2nd Cavalry Association. As many are perhaps aware I was a trooper in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. One of our own, SGT Michael Minard from Union Beach New Jersey was wounded on October 1st 2007 on his 3rd tour to Iraq. He lost both legs in a roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attack.

This plea hit me very close to my heart as all cavalrymen share an unbreakable bond.

Mike has been at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering from those wounds ever since.

Mike will soon be ready to return home. A new house is being built for him. A house that is specially designed to ease overcoming the challenges his wounds will present. This new home is not a benefit provided by the Pentagon it is provided by a private charitable organization supported only by private donations... Your donations.

Mike Menard's old house has already been demolished and help is needed to build the replacement in its place. By help I mean ANY help. If you can swing a hammer or have a background in construction you are needed. There will be a "Marathon Build Brigade" event held between August 5th and August 9th. If you wish to donate construction materials that too would be appreciated. Anyone wishing to donate their construction expertise, materials, skills, or even cash donations, contact Jack McNaboe by telephone at 732-439-4484 or cell (732) 245-7036.

Please take a moment and recognize the debt that you personally owe Mike Menard and his family and so many others like him. You owe your very freedom to people such as Mike who have selflessly sacrificed life and limb for you and your family. Whether you support the mission or not does not matter in the least. This man left his young family and placed his life on the line for the lofty goal of serving our country. Soldiers do not pick their battlefields. They unquestioningly go where they are ordered. They only choose to serve.

If you are not geographically close enough to physically pitch in, then donate cash! If you wish to make a cash donation visit the web site that's been set up for that purpose or donations can be made through the 2nd Cavalry Association page.

This is important. This is an issue above and beyond politics.

Once we have built Sgt. Menard's new home guess what. There are many more! The charity that is coordinating the rebuild of Mike's house have lists of others.

For example meet Marine Corporal Joshua Hoffman:

Please visit the Homes for our Troops website and support our heroes! They've given so much. How much have you given?

In closing I can only present you with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment's motto:

Toujours Pret! (Always Ready)

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