Thursday, August 20, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

I am a bit late on the Heroes post this week due to my large honeydo list and my wife's on-line classes taking up my computer time. Having said that, I apologize for the lateness of this post. This Week's Heroes and Patriots goes out to a brave group of men and women who embody the best qualities of both heroes and patriots. This group stands up for American freedom all over the world, and is prepared to lay down their lives at any moment for that freedom. This group is much lambasted by the neo-libs, so as the Left's sworn enemy, I laud these men and women. Many of you have guessed by now that I speak of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. I got the idea for this post from listening to Lars Larson's Monday show. Lars is a radio talk show host, here in the Northwest Command area, who's step-son recently left for Marine boot camp. Listening to Lars tell the world, and his step-son who had phoned from M.E.P.S., how proud he and his wife were of the young man got me to thinking. Listening to the audience tell how proud and grateful they were for the young man's future service, and stories of their friends, family and own service, got me writing. I ask all of my readers to thank a soldier if the opportunity presents itself. If you are out and see one of our boys and girls, buy them a drink and tell them their efforts and sacrifices are not in vain. And never doubt that they sacrifice. Even if a soldier is not wounded in combat, be does damage to his body humping huge packs across training fields and break ankles marching over gopher holes. Beyond this they often leave their family for periods of training, and deployments where it is possible the next time their families will see them will be in a box. Expecting your husband or daughter to return home, and instead receiving the cold comfort of a folded flag because your loved one didn't make it represents the ultimate in sacrifices. These men and women do this for you brothers and sister. They deserve our thanks, our love our respect and our prayers for their safety. I admit to being biased but we need to do the best we can by and for these brave soles who put their own precious bodies between their beloved home and wars desolation. On this note I ask all who read this to go to the comments section and put down the name of a current or former veteran of military service, including yourself, so we can read the names of those who are ready to give all for our nation and give them the honor they are due. I will start us off:
I am a vet. Go Army (hoorah!)

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