Tuesday, August 25, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

This week's patriot is Benjamin Franklin. As you know, unless you went to public school in the '90's where it was unfashionable to actually educate anybody, Doctor Franklin was one of the founding fathers of this greatest nation on earth. His ideals and philosophies, more than any other, defined our system of government. Franklin was a true renaissance man who had interests in many aspects of the natural word and applied sciences.

Franklin fought for his fledgling nation both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table. One can rest assured that without his efforts, we Americans would all still be subjects of the British Crown. Franklin's role in the drafting of both the Deceleration of Independence, and the constitution were pivotal to the nation that was born in 1776, and the freedoms, we the descendants of the Revolution, now enjoy.

Franklin was a visionary in the realm of equal rights. He lobbied intensely for the abolition of slavery, and the integration of all men into the greater American society. I think that he would be thrilled that his people could overcome racist feelings enough to elect a black man to the office of president, if not the specific man who was elected.

Doctor Franklin sacrificed much to bring about our nation. He missed the death of his wife while lobbing for greater freedom for the colonists, and even gave a son to the alter of freedom. Benjamin Franklin was a great man and patriot. If more people were willing to follow the example he set, it would do much to right the wrongs in this world.

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