Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seantor Kennedy Dies at age 77

I was getting ready to write a scathing post of the Democrats and their socialist agenda, when I came across the news that Ted Kennedy has died. I am not sure what to write on this. I considered this man my sworn enemy, so I should be dancing in the street. I find myself surprised that I am not that hateful. The best I can say about the man's passing is, I will pray for your passing, and for your family. I have a feeling that as a Catholic who supported abortion, he will need all the prayers he can get. Out of respect for the dead and the grieving family, I will refrain from suggesting that our nation is better off without this person muddying up the gene pool. Many, even on the right, are asking that we put aside partisan politics. BULLSHIT!

I KNOW the drive-by media and the neo-lib lawmakers will be sickeningly sweet about the man in the next few days, no matter how little he deserves it. There will be no mention of Chappaquiddick or Mary Jo Kopechne. The Chosen One, or his gang of idiots, will gloss over that and try to guilt us into passing his lousy CommieCare plan in Kennedy's name. It will be tactless and tasteless, a hallmark of this administration, and blatant use of a dead man's memory for political gain. I will not be complicit with this. This bill is on the ropes, and I for one intend to press the attack until it is as dead as Kennedy, and screw the murdering bastard!


Red said...

I am thinking that as well. Let's hope that all of the glossing over of his "cherished memory" will only serve to strengthen the resolve of conservatives and those on the left who can still be reached and haven't completely lost their minds.

Red said...

"Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men. - Boondock Saints "

Love it.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thanks for reading. I hope you are right about this b.s. strengthening conservative resolve.

Right Wing Extreme said...

P.S. I am rather fond of that quote myself.