Friday, August 28, 2009

Do It For Teddy

The Left is oozing so much over their fallen saint that it is almost sickening. All that I saw in the news all day, and on the TV as I passed the break room was updates on where Kennedy' corpse was. I am almost surprised that Pelosi did not stick a GPS is his box so all the leftists could get real-time position updates on their iPhones. Also I want to know what that obese booze-hound did to deserve a burial in Arlington National Cemetery? That is where this country buries the honored dead. Unless abandoning helpless young women to their deaths is now deemed honorable and I just didn't get the memo, he should have been planted elsewhere.

Pelosi thinks that Kennedy's death will reinvigorate health care. That we should do this in his name. I would say that I predicted this, but honestly, who did not see this coming? I have news for her however, It is going to take more than defibrillators to bring back either of them. The Chosen One, Pelosi and Dingy Harry have lied to us from the beginning about this obamanation of a bill. From death panels that were not really there, yet removed when Palin called them on it, to being able to choose to keep your plan, how gracious of them, or to go to a "public option" that you can not get off once they have sucked you on to it. They have lied to try to get us to pay cash for this clunker using a postal service that is eleven million dollars in debt as a role model for government success.

The neo-libs have finally gotten what they asked for, a public that is participating in the process and oh how they a regretting that now. Odd how they insult the populace when they get what they have been asking for for decades. They are liars and hypocrites one and all.

The goal now is to keep up the anger and awareness so that they can not slip this past us. We can not give in to some misguided sense of guilt just because a man who would have been allowed to die with nothing more than a pain pill had he not been a Senator and the Left's patron saint kicked off. The dieing wish of a dead man, nor all the bleeding hearts of the world will make this sow's ear into a silk purse. That they think we are gullible enough to buy this line, that they are even invoking a dead man, be he ever so great, shows their arrogance, ignorance and consummate lack of class or taste.

Due to this lack of class, it should come as no surprise then that Kennedy, prior to his death, attempted to change the law he helped pass, to maintain the Left's stranglehold on the democratic process, nor that the other leftists are continuing on with the effort. Kennedy supported a bill that would make sure that a Republican governor could not replace Lurch with another republican if he had been elected president. Now this is biting them in the ass, and they do not like it. Typical, as soon as they change the rules to make it easier for the politically disabled, the winds of change blow through and they want to change the rules again. They made their bed, now let them sleep in it.

We will continue to oppose this bill because we can see it for what it is, a way for the left to gain control over one of the fundamental choices in our lives, and if you think they will ever let go, you are living in a dream world. Keep your grubby paws off my health care, stop trying to guilt me and stop thinking I and my brothers and sisters are fools. We see you for who you are, and not only do we despise you, we will not let you drag us and our great nation into the slime pit of National Socialism. I will pay for my own health needs before I succumb to ChappaquidiCare.


defiant_infidel said...

"...almost sickening"??

I know you wrote it tongue-in-cheek, but I found it completely nauseating! I also refused to view one millisecond of the "media's" offal. I would rather hold close the memory of poor Mary Jo Kopechne, an innocent abandoned to drown by one of her own stripe, and reportedly then cast aside by her own mother (as far as legally pressing charges) for a big, quiet pay-off from "Uncle Teddy".

The most final and truly repulsive chapter in this charade is that his foul ass would be buried in the same ground adjacent to our most beloved of heroes! My sentiments were well summed up in one "news" article's commenter when he said he had a fine bottle of scotch he planned to take to Arlington to share with the hypocritical, lying, college exam cheating murderer... but only after it had been filtered through his kidneys!

Right Wing Extreme said...

Defiant Infidel,

I didn't watch any of it either. I instead spent the weekend cleaning house, preping a wall so my wife could paint and hanging out with G-Man pounding out some medieval armor. I to mourn the loss of Kopechne despite her death predating my birth. When I first read about this in my teens, it impressed on me the Lefts ability to sacrifice each other for their own personal gain. That knowledge was a defining moment in the formation of where I would stand and what lens I would apply when viewing the world or seeking an answer to a dilemma. It galls me as well that they have the nerve to plant him next to our nations honored dead. It is offensive and not to be tolerated. If you find time, I would like a link to the news article. If you have or can find it, please send it to I would love to read it. Thank you for reading.