Sunday, August 9, 2009

Racism or False Alarm: Last Update

I recently pulled down a post on the Gates/Crowley affair. I pulled it because I was waiting for a reply on some e-mails to both parties and thought it best to wait. I received a generic reply from Gates and nothing from Cambridge PD. Here is the reply from Gates:

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to individual emails at this time.
Best wishes,
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
I am personally gratified to know I called this one right. So here is what I had written:

On Tuesday Cambridge PD and the Middlesex County DA dropped the disorderly conduct charges against Professor Gates. I posted this story on Monday. I had at least two details incorrect, is was day time and the woman who phoned police was not a neighbor, but stand by for the rest, including the analysis. It still appears that Sergeant James Crowley was doing his job. If the police are called out for a breaking and entering than they have a duty to ascertain the identity of the man found at the scene, regardless of his color. It is unconscionable that an officer of the law be branded a racist for doing his job. I grant that the news articles sited in this post, and in the original leave out information that I would dearly love to have, and so I must base my opinion on what has been reported. Shame on you Professor Gates for calling this man a racist when it is obvious he was following procedure. This professor is supposed to educate the masses of a dark time in history so that it is never repeated, not perpetuate the cycle. Professor Gates has run afoul of that old adage, "When you point the finger at someone else, there are three pointed back at you." By calling the Sergeant a racist he is guilty of profiling himself. If the Sergeant had called him, "boy" or other epitaphs that I have no stomach to write, even in reference, he is perpetuating the stereotype that cops are racists and out to abuse their power. Professor Gates, as a teacher in the subject, you of all people should know what baseless accusations can do. How were Sergeant Crowley's actions racist? He would be remiss in his duty if he did not investigate your claims to residency. I grant that he could have let the matter drop, but feel that the City, the department and District Attorney's office have done this officer a great disservice. They have knuckled under to pressure and face saving in their most heinous forms. If they had said that in the interests of not putting a man full of foolish pride on trial for a minor offense, or even gave the real reason, "It would look bad," I could at least accept that. Instead they have chosen to throw a public servant, doing his duty, under the bus. Why did they do this? In my opinion it is because the subject is prominent, his supporters high profile and his accusations politically charged. Barring further evidence, I judge these men poltroons one and all. I will update if and when more information becomes available.

Since that almost post, Sergeant Crowley has refused to apologize for doing his job, the Kenyan-in-Chief has weighed in and the parties were gathered for the Beer Summit. I know that this is old news, but I still feel that my point is applicable. So what is the point? Gates is a filthy race baiter who set back race relations fifty years, a good cop is castigated for doing his job and The Chosen One is a moron and a butinsky. The other lesson we MUST take away from this, is to not knuckle under when some person throws out the race card. Right now, many people who criticize The Chosen One, his failed policies or his smarmy, superior, holier that thou attitude, they are labeled racist, birthers and/or kooks. This is a common tactic of the left and the scoundrel, as if there is a difference. The reason they do this is that is has proven effective in the past. I find it heartening that this is becoming less and less effective as time goes by. I call on you brothers and sisters, keep the pressure on. Do not be deterred by baseless accusations. When such is used, it is based on the insecurities of the accuser. Turn it back on them. Fight, press on in the face on adversity. We WILL win our country back. We are doing so now, each socialist bill we defeat, each attack we turn, each convert we make tells me so. Keep the faith, and persevere. Victory belongs to the righteous and just, and that is NOT the liberal left.


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