Thursday, August 6, 2009

Russian Subs Off Our Coast

It is hard to know what to write about. There is such a target rich environment. I guess what is on my mind the most is the two commie submarines patrolling off the east coast. I said in one of my first posts, the leopard does not change it's spots. I rarely agree with Senator McCain on anything, but when I see Putin, like McCain, all I see is a K, and G and B. This hearkens back to the cold war days. Twenty years ago the Sov's where doing this nonsense. The difference now is that when they are found out they are not running for the hills. Why is this you might ask? They linger without fear because they KNOW that the current administration is weak and will do nothing. Reagan would have been dropping torpedoes out of helicopters, and the fleet would chase them away or blow them out of the water.
The weirdest thing is that the Soviets are not even denying they are there, in fact they are boasting. So what is The Chosen One doing about this. Not a damn thing. The drive by media is complicit as well. On my way to the smoke dock at work, the commentator said that there was nothing to worry about as the subs were attack subs, not boomers (Ballistic Missile Submarines). This was comforting for about thirty seconds until I remembered this little pearl. We have attack subs that can launch cruise missiles. No big deal right? Wrong. Those babies can pack nuclear warheads. Granted not big ones, but I would hate to see one go off on say....Manhattan. Worse, in D.C. But then I wondered do the commies have this type of weapon? Indeed they do. The RPK-2 Viyuga is just such a weapon. The only difference is that instead of a special vertical launcher, it deploys from a torpedo tube. The subs are NATO reporting type Akula class attack subs. These subs are more than capable of launching the RPK-2 for a first strike. They Russians know it, our politicians know it, and despite their pitiful platitudes, the Pentagon knows it.
The main question is, why are the Russians rattling their sabers now? Like sharks, they sense blood in the water. They want to press their interests in Georgia again, and they sense the weakness of their prey. Pravda is boasting that we are shaking with fear. Worse, because of who our leader is, they are right.
I personally do not want any foreign nukes that close to my country. Many of you do not either. So what is the solution? Depth charges and torpedoes until they run like whipped curs or sink like stones. The Chosen One will not do that though. I am sure he sees them as his fraternal socialist allies here on a mission of peace. Besides, he is to busy encouraging children to inform on their parents in the best traditions of socialism.
This is scary shit brothers and sisters. I think we are deep in the cakey now, but Dear Leader does nothing. Keep your powder dry citizens.


Anonymous said...

Amen Great Post

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thank you Fuzzy.