Friday, August 7, 2009

Sotomeyer Confirmed

Yesterday the senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor to SCOTUS by a vote of 68 to 31. I offer my congratulations to her. I hope that your tenure on the high court is honorable, that you serve well and that you judge wisely and fairly based on the merits of the cases before you rather than your own personal biases.
Now that the platitudes are out of the way...I will not quibble with the neo-libs on whether she is the first Hispanic on the high court, or that Benjamin N. Cardozo was. The original definition of a Hispanic included Portugal, while the modern usage does not, and I do not care either way.
What I do care about, is that yesterday nine more joined the ranks of Specter the Defector. Brothers and sisters, these men and women have betrayed us all. They have betrayed our trust, and abrogated their duty to their constituents. I expected the neo-libs to confirm her. After all Sotomayor was their party's candidate, and they have no moral sense to betray. Despite the nine being politicians, I expected them to show some loyalty to their values and their constituents.
These nine have shown themselves to be unfit to rule and as such, MUST be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity. I urge my brothers and sisters represented by these traitors to support any conservative candidate that opposes these Judases. So that those I am calling on know who they are, and so we all know who sold us out, I am naming names.

Susan Collins from Maine
Olympia J. Snowe also from Maine
Judd Gregg from New Hampshire
George V. Voinovich from Ohio
Mel Martinez from Florida
Richard G. Lugar from Indianna
Christopher S. Bond from Missouri
Lindsey Graham from South Carolina
Lamar Alexander from Tennessee

I hope you all fell ashamed of what you have done, what you have unleashed upon the nation and inflicted upon the citizenry, but I doubt it. Don't you realize that we can not afford to back down from The Chosen One and his gang of idiots, or cave into their socialist policies. All nine of you should be thrown out of the party and be forced to join those sniveling Birkenstock wearing yammerheads. You are a disappointment to the species.


Anonymous said...

I have contacted Sen. Lugar about his vote. But he will not give me a answer.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Keep pressing them Fuzzy. Keep the pressure on until they do the will of the people. Always remember, they work for us.