Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indoctrinating our Children

On September 8th, The Chosen One will begin the hard-core indoctrination of our children. He will address them directly and ask them to write letters to themselves about how they can help the president jam his communist agenda down the collective American throat. Yes I know that they have changed the post, but only because it caused outrage. It is the same routine as always, he shows his true colors, we the people call him on it, he changes the rhetoric and it is suddenly our fault for misunderstanding what he meant. I am tired of this smarmy, lying bastard. It is bad enough that he is dragging my nation, my friends and family and myself into communist hell, but I will NOT let him at my children. My children will not be a party to his designs on MY country. My eldest will not be viewing his address, nor participating in his Hitler Youth-esque activities. I urge you brothers and sister, call your schools and tell them your child will not participate in their own brainwashing, or in the special activities. If the school will not let you opt out your children, have them skip school that day. Take them to the zoo, to the park, to a museum, anywhere but The Chosen One's re-education centers. I am fortunate that my youngest is not yet school aged, so there is one, The Chosen One can not reach yet. This man is a monster. Many things this person has done have angered me, now I am totally pissed off. This man must be removed from office as soon as possible. He is a menace. I sent a letter to the White House to tell this man and his cronies, "STAY AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN." Here is a screen shot of the letter I sent to him:

If you are tired of this man's lies, cronyism and betrayal of this nation and her people, write to the White House. Write to your congressmen. Tell them we do not want the United Soviet States of America, we do not want CommieCare and we do not want The Chosen One to be our president anymore. Tell them to "Impeach The Chosen One!!!"


Z said...

I just don't get how Americans can actually ignore what's going on. Some parents were calling in radio shows this morning saying "He deserves a chance to talk to our children". Imagine if BUSH had done this?
It's one thing to encourage your children to do good in school(which Bush might have done, come to think of it) but that list of things they want our kids to do FOR OBAMA? WHAT?

On the other hand, some parents are keeping their kids HOME that day...I'm calling it a KIDDIE TEA PARTY! GO, Tea Partiers!

Right Wing Extreme said...

It surprises me as well Z. If it was only "try hard and do good in school," I wouldn't be upset, but I will not let him indoctrinate my kids directly in this way. I refuse. I wonder if I can arrange a kiddie tea party here, I will have to look into it.

J. L. Watts said...

You need help. I bet you didn't say this when Reagan addressed us after the shuttle went down or when 41 did it.


Freedomnow said...

Thank you for adding my blog as one that you follow. I will add your blog to my links list.

I cant say that Obama is a dictator, but his cult of personality is extremely disturbing.

Additionally, the man's dishonesty makes him completely untrustworthy as a leader.

This Administration has earned my opposition. I still support his policy in Afghanistan and anywhere else it is in our country's interests, but Obama is willing (and possibly consciously attempting) to destroy our country in the pursuit of power. He may turn into a dictator one day, but I doubt the American people will let him (I admit we have done poorly against his subversion so far, but the fat lady hasnt sang yet). He will have to stick to his Alinsky tactics.

Freedomnow said...

Mr. Watts,

Fascist is spelled with an extra "s". Spelling errors are not that big of a deal, but you really sound like you don't know what you are talking about.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thank you for reading. In all honesty I do not truly consider The Chosen on a dictator yet. I do agree that he, along wih the drive-by media, have created a huge cult of personality that I find disturbing as well. I do feel that a dictatorship is the direction he wants to lead us in, and is actively pursuing this goal. The cult of personality he is developing puts me in mind of those established by Kim Jong Il, Hitler and Stalin. I hope for all of our sakes that you are right and the American people will stop him from achieving the dictatorship I fear he so earnestly desires. Until we are once again free, keep the faith and your powder dry.

Right Wing Extreme said...


Spelling errors happen to us all. Such does not make us foolish nor un-knowledgeable about a topic. There but for the grace of spell checker go I.

Right Wing Extreme said...

J.L. Watts,

You think I need help? According to your profile you work for the government, are you offering to help me? All kidding aside, no I said nothing when Reagan addressed the nation, but I was six, so what do you want. I did however, review Reagan's speech on the Challenger disaster. Reagan was, at first, addressing the nation as a whole, then the children, of which a great number saw the disaster as many schools were watching the launch due to a teacher being on the crew. He was reassuring the children, and the nation, and commenting on the disaster. His having commented on the disaster is not out of place being that it was a government project, and government employees that had just died in a fiery accident. In such a case, the head of government addressing the nation is natural and appropriate. He did mention god and recited a prayer, which some might find objectionable, but being that your blog is religious in nature, I doubt that this bother you. As for Bush the Elder's dialogue, not speech, with, not to, children, he told the children to stay in school, get an education and stay off drugs. At best I found the speeches to be about a 1, out of 10, on the rhetoric scale. My problem isn't that The Chosen One wishes to address children, it is the topics and manner of the address that I take issue with. The One has already attempted to make use of our nations children to influence and guilt us, their parents, into participating in his highly questionable, and possibly unconstitutional, policies. I feel this is underhanded and immoral. If he was just telling the kids to stay in school and try their hardest, I would applaud his actions, and possibly aid this effort. Education is the best gift that we as parents, and a society, can bestow upon our children. Using them as a tool however, smacks of fascism and totalitarianism of the worst sort. The Soviet Union, Hitler and dictatorial regimes the world over use these methods. People, myself included, are getting so worked up and speaking up against this blatant propagandizing because it is aimed directly at those least equipped to defend themselves, our nation's children. Children, especially young children, are not yet able to form rational and logical opinions about some things, such as politics. To attempt to influence children about such controversial issues is unconscionable. As for calling me a fascist, can you prove it? If you can prove that I am indeed a fascist, I will cheerfully admit it, else, please refrain from name calling. I have proven my commitment to freedom by serving in the armed forces of this great nation. I put my own precious body between my beloved home and war's desolation. I served my nation. I understand that you work for the government at some level. I applaud and thank you for your efforts on the behalf of the people. However, unless you have been in the military as well, I just can not bring myself to equate your service to mine. This is not to impugn your character, belittle your contributions or say that I am better than you in some way. I merely state that my service, service only, is superior to the service that I know you claim. I am as far from being a fascist as I can possibly imagine. I would like to know what specifically I have written that leads you to this conclusion as I welcome open discussion. Having said that, I thank you for reading and contributing input.