Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hero of the Week

You might have noticed that the title of this week's American Patriot/Hero of the week post is missing something. This is not an oversight on my part, I purposely removed the "American" and "Patriot" parts because this week's honoree is not an American, and while he me be a patriot, typically these posts are only for patriotism of the American variety. This weeks honoree is so great is my esteem however, that I could not let the chance to honor him pass me by.

I recently took a vacation from work, and blogging, to spend time at home with my family, and especially my children. While on vacation, I lived under a rock. No news, no blogs that I had not written in preparation for the break, and I only checked my email once. Mostly I played Assassin's Creed II, my new favorite video game that my oldest daughter bought me for Christmas. As such I only learned of the Panty Bomber this Monday. There will be more on that later this week, now back to my Hero post.

This week's honoree is Jasper Schuringa of Amsterdam. After that idiot Umar Farouk Abdullmatallab, boy that is a mouthful, burned off Captain Winkie in a failed attempt to blow up the plane, Mr. Schuringa body tackled this TERRORIST, and took his bomb away, suffering burns to his hands in the process. This man showed great courage in the face of possible loss of life and limb, and could very well have saved the lives of every soul on the plane. My only regret is that Mr. Shuringa, nor any other passengers, worked this douche bag over.

It is my sincere hope that either The Chosen One will bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom, or our Congress will award the Congressional Gold Medal for his brave acts. I doubt this will be the case as I am sure in my heart that the libs are disappointed that some American Citizens did not get waxed by a Terrorist Attack thereby giving them a crises to exploit. God knows Rahm Emanuel is crying himself to sleep.

Until and unless our Dear Leader and his tame Congress get their thumbs out and do what is right, my kudos will have to suffice. I do however recommend to all of my readers that you call your Senators and Congressmen to pressure them to honor this brave man.

Which award do you think he should receive?


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