Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fight the Power!

Post Notes: I originally wrote this as a response to a comment posted by Debbie in this post by Jo-Joe Politico. I was commenting on Debbie, a great blogger that I have recently found, saying that she would no longer be commenting on blogs that allow the idiots leftists to insult us conservatives. The need to struggle on is an important one, and as such I feel this is a good message.

It is easy to get discouraged. We are facing adversity at every turn. The enemy seems to be everywhere we look. Even I get discouraged now and again. It is easy to fall into the trap, one I believe is created from self-pity, of giving up. That is the easy choice, but it is no solution. The true price of freedom is eternal vigilance and a willingness to lay down your life if need be. Know you are not alone. We struggle everyday in our own lives, and the leftist attempt to cut us from the herd and drag us down individually. Do NOT let them do this. Our strength lies in our willingness and ability to hang together, for if we do not, we will most certainly hang separately. This is the great strength of the left, they know how to organize and work together. We are learning to do this, and combined with our moral sense coupled with our ability to think, rather than just feel, is what will win us back our nation. I quote myself earlier when I told Debbie, "I know you are not running away, but no matter why you go, if you go, they win. Fight back with reasoned argument and show them up as the brainless slugs who are unable think and reason, but only ooze from one sensation or feeling to another, that they are. If we turn our backs on the fight, they WILL win, by default yes, but we will wake up with the jackboot of liberal "it's good for you" tyranny on our necks without any one to blame but ourselves." Support each other. Get together and struggle as a group. Do NOT allow them to divide and conquer. The only concept the left has that was well thought out is solidarity. Learn this one thing from the enemy and keep your chin up, your head down, and you powder dry.


Joe said...

Thank you for the mention.

You are so right! We must not let their (liberals')contemptuousness get us down. That is their nature and they almost can't help themselves.

We must press the fight and win the war!

Right Wing Extreme said...

No problem on the mention, you do good work and if I can steer any business your way, it is all to the good.

Z said...

I've got to say that my liberal commenters usually drive me nuts but I want them there (usually) seems to make me and all my commenters sharpen our writing and thinking skills and usually make the lefty look pretty bad after a few rounds of responses...that gives my conservatives hope, in my opinion!
When I'm feeling really low about something a lefty says, one or two of my commenters will just NAIL him, and I love reading those throw-downs!
(thanks for coming by RWE)

JMK said...

Great post and while I understand Debbie's frustration (I like her blog too) I think it's important to discourse and confront Leftists at EVERY turn.

While it's true that most liberals (95% or so) can't make reasoned arguments for the things they belie-FEEEEEL, and reflexively switch to insult-mode, it's still vital to confront them.

In fact, once one person is reduced to insults, they've effectively signaled their surrender (on the facts).

Right Wing Extreme said...

How is it going? I have not heard from you in a while. I agree that discourse helps to sharpen the written, I have noticed it in myself.

Right Wing Extreme said...

I do not know if I completely agree. I regularly criticize idiots for being idiots, sometimes I even use an occasional insult or five. If you stick to mixing the facts with the odd insult, I do not think that is raising the white flag. However if insults is all you got, then in that case yes, you might as well throw in the towel.