Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Patrot/Hero of the Week 2.0

As promised, I give you another hero. Dr. David Benke's quick actions saved the lives of the students entrusted to him during the recent school shooting at Dear Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado. For those who do not know, there must be at least one, he tackled a crazy man bent on killing innocent children as they departed school for the day. When he heard the gun shoots, he did not duck or run for cover, as most would. He located the shooter and brought him down with valiant disregard for his own safety. He also kept the promise to his students during a post-Columbine safety drill where he promised to stop such violence if he could. What adds to his bravery, is that this man is a math teacher, not a former policeman or soldier trained in such things. This is a moral and brave man by any and all definitions of those words. Thank you Dr. Benke for watching over the children. In a related note, another thank you to the assailants father who did not coddle his mentally ill son, or try to explain away his action. War Eagle Eastwood (the perpetrators father) said, "I don't care who you are, You shouldn't go out there and take how you feel inside of you out on anybody else." Bravo sir for your courage. The courage to condemn a mad man, especially when it is your son, is something sadly lacking in today's society.

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