Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please Help

Pictured above is my cat Norman. Recently Noman started limping and developed an abscess about the size of a racquetball in his leg. I have taken him to the vet, who prescribed antibiotics, but this has only helped some. It shrunk down to near the size of a golf ball, but over the weekend it ballooned up to the size of a baseball. Today he went to a different vet. This vet drained his leg, but she thinks that there is something lodged in his leg, and so it will not heal until it is removed. Both vets said he needs surgery, but this is beyond my financial means at this time. I am doing what I can, to raise the money, I sold my highschool class ring to pay for today's visit, and I am actively seeking a second job, but I fear that I will not be able to get the money together quickly enough, and will have to surrender him to a shelter to get him the help he needs, as I can not even afford to put him down, which I REALLY do not want to do, and I do not think we are at that point, yet. Neither vet has been willing to accept payments, and in this economy who can blame them. I myself have major medical bills from an injury last year, and from the birth of my youngest that we are struggling with since my wife's forty percent pay cut. Additionally my younger self, who it seemed took inordinate delight in thinking of ways to torture my older self, ruined my credit so CareCredit is out of the question. Be that as it may, Norman needs some x-rays and surgery to the tune of around four hundred dollars. At this point I am near my wits end. I have applied to a foundation that helps people and pets like us, but again, I fear help will not come soon enough. Now is where I turn to you, my friends and readers. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that might help, please e-mail them to rightwingextreme@hotmail.com. On a related note, I have a very cool RockStar energy drink refridgerator for sale, if anyone is interested. Make me a reasonable offer, and pay the shipping and it is yours. All procedes go to help my friend and pet. Please Help!

I am half the way there! I got some of the money together, and a small loan from my sister has put me half way to getting my friend the help he needs. I have put a donation button on the top right corner of the page. I know times are hard for everyone, but if you could see it in you heart to help me and my kitty friend, and can spare a little, I would greatly appreciate it. Even a dollar or two will earn my eternal thanks. I still have the fridge for sale as well (see above). Health Update: His leg has ballooned up to racquetball size again. Tomorrow night (3/9) I am going to drain his leg again. I have been doing this between vet visits to keep him stable, and in as little pain as possible. This is only a temporary fix, until I can raise the necessary funds, but I am hopeful that my efforts, with a little help from my friends in the blogosphere, I will be in time. God Bless.

***UPDATE 2.0***
Norman goes to the vet this Wednesday (3/17). He is in good health despite being in some pain. Want to talk about Health Care? I have to take him to Walla Walla, Washington, but it is worth it because I finally found a vet that cares more about an animal's health than the almighty dollar. While the vet thinks I have enough money to cover Norman's costs, they said that they would work with me if I did not, all they want is my friend to get well, then we could worry about the money. So for there awsomeness (is that a word?) I want to send a plug out to the vet. All hail the compasionate healers of our small furry friends at Animal Clinic of Walla Walla (East). Also thank you to all who donated what they could, and for those who sent their prayers. You have all been a buoy of hope for me and mine during this troubled time.


Hack said...

Thanks for posting this and kudos on a great blog. Check us out sometime and follow us if you like!


Right Wing Extreme said...

Thanks for reading. I also enjoyed your site as well, and it has been duly added to my "Blogs That Think "Right"" section. Keep reading, and keep up the good fight.