Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter to Senator Jim DeMint

Today I received this letter from Senator Jim DeMint:

Dear Friend:

I want to personally thank you for signing the "Repeal ObamaCare Pledge" at and give you a quick update.

First, the bad news.

At 11:56 a.m. this morning, President Obama signed the health care legislation into law, turning one-sixth of our economy over to the federal government.
Congressional Democrats cheered as they watched the President sign this full-blown attack on our freedoms. It was a painful sight to see.

Now, the good news.

Minutes after the health care takeover was signed into law, I introduced a one-page bill to repeal it. While this Congress won't pass the "repeal it" legislation, it defines our shared goal and will help us distinguish between those politicians who get it and those who don't. Once we replace the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare, we will repeal the bill and start over with commonsense, free-market solutions.

I'm also proud to report that over 50,000 Americans have signed the "Repeal ObamaCare Pledge" since late Sunday night. This is a remarkable achievement in such a short time. But it's just the beginning. We plan to reach 100,000 pledges by the end of the day and keep building from there.

Please help us reach our goal by telling your friends and family to sign the pledge at We need to get more people to do exactly what you've done and pledge to only support candidates who vow to repeal ObamaCare.

Once we reach a critical mass, we will begin working together to defeat the ObamaCare Democrats one at a time.

Thank you again for being willing to do your part to defend our liberty. Together, we will take our country back.

Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

P.S. If you would like help elect strong conservatives to the Senate this year who will fight to repeal ObamaCare, please support the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Here is the response I sent to the good Senator:


I thank you for your efforts to return freedom back to the American people. While I appreciate the bill you have/will introduce to repeal this monstrosity, it is at best a symbolic gesture. While I do not discount the need and usefulness of gestures such as this, which I will help support in any way possible, I believe that the time for gestures has, or will soon, pass. The administration, with the help of RINO traitor Senator Snowe, and Congressional Democrats have already revealed the next step in their plan to irrevocably deliver our nation into the hands of Karl Marx with their "bi-partisan" Immigration "reform" plan. Before the "Enemy Within" can cut Liberty's throat, we must start taking them apart. When a RINO rears it's head in the party, we must denounce and expel them. If we can not get, and keep, our own house in order how will we get the house of the nation in to any form of a sensible order? Next we must take apart the opposition. We MUST use any and all mean possible, short of violence, to denounce and expose the Democrats who hate America, The Constitution and all we as a nation stand for. We must begin impeachment proceedings against The Speaker, The Senate Majority Leader and The President. I put it to you this way sir, the time for soft words is past, we must now use the big stick. You have revealed yourself to be a true conservative and a leader, and have my respect, help and support. The people cry out for someone to lead us out of the dark valley of socialism. You sir, could be that leader, but no longer will WE THE PEOPLE sit idly by while the ruling class of the DNC deliver us unto evil and our own leaders talk and talk, and then when that inevitably fails say they did "all they could." The time to fight back has come, and I pray that the fight will not take the form of violence, but the American people will die on their feet before we beg on our knees. Lead us sir, but not with empty gesture. I look forward to your response.

Right Wing Extreme

Any thoughts on this?

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