Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Global Warming Wednesday

Now that I am back from filling Uncle Sugar's Honey Pot, I formally declare Wednesdays to be Global Warming Wednesday here at RWE. So with that in mind, and at the risk of angering Al Gore so much that his goons take me out, I found this awesome parody song. Both of these videos are brought to us courtesy of Minnesotans for Global Warming. The first video singles out Michael Mann of hockey fame, opps, I meant hockey stick fame. Who knew he could sing as well.

Hide the Decline I

Personally I rather liked that video, but apparently Professor Mann was not as amused as I. After crying like a little girl with a skinned knee and threats of law suites, M4GW decided to make another video poking fun a climate scientists in general, and changed the lyrics just a bit. I hope you enjoy this one as well. YouTube keeps pulling the video instead of giving little Mikey a hanky to dry his tears, so I will attempt to repost it as they force it down.

Hide the Decline II

I hope you all enjoyed these very funny videos. They certainly help to illustrate the insanity in both a fun and entertaining way.


Unknown said...

Now that spring is here Al Gore will be back.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Spring nothing. Up here in E. Oregon it snowed all around the town I live in, and in the nearby Blue Mountains. We had an inch of Global Warming just outside of town on Cinco de Mayo. Had to go get some diesel oil for the heater because we are out, and we have been trying to wait out the tail end of this cold whether, but last night the wife put her foot down. Insult to injury, I had to scrape off some of that pesky Global warming from the car windows so I could go to work this morning.

Right Truth said...

That's great, I love the first video.

Al Gore has always been a joke here in Tennessee.

Right Truth

Right Wing Extreme said...

I am glad you liked the videos, and the first is my favorite as well. I am pleased to know that Gore is a joke in Tennessee, however I think he is a joke everywhere.