Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 A Rememberance 4.0 (2010)

A day short of nine years ago, I took my ex-girlfriend, my oldest daughter's mother, out to celebrate her birthday, which is on the tenth, and to celebrate a big promotion I had received that same morning. We went to a nice Italian restaurant and drank copious amounts of wine, which I had little head for at the time. I went to bed, alone as we were just friends then, but who wants to celebrate alone. I awoke with an unaccustomed hangover, I rarely get them, and someone very inconsiderate soul beating the hell out of my front door. I oepen the door ready to roundly curse th esoon to be poor bastard on the other side. When the door opened I saw it was my friend Debbie, and she looked terribly worried. I asked her what was wrong and she told me to turn on the television. I asked her what channel and she responded that it did not matter. "Oh Shit!" I said, thinking that some tonado had taken out a major city or other natural disaster had struck. I turned on the news just in time to see, I think live, United 175 crash into the South Tower. I sat in horror as modern technology allowed me to watch people jump to their deaths rather than burn alive. I was numb and in complete shock. I sat and watched as more reports came in of planes hitting The Pentagon and crashing into a field in Pennsylvania. I have to admit, I was very afraid, but for my family, most of which live in or near large cities that would make great targets for terrorists. A few calls and the news put m mind at ease about their safety, but I could not help but think of my fellow Americas who were dealing with the aftermath of this cowardly sucker punch. I went throught the rest of the day in a daze. I did my shift at work, where it was very quiet, and went home with two of my closest friends and much in the way of booze. We spent the next few days drinking, toasting the dead and raging against the cowardly bastards. We swore that we would not live in fear.

I chose to share this story for the same reason I shared last year's. It is how I spent a tragic day that is part of our shared American ethos. I invite any and all to share their own experiences relating to 9/11.

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