Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Return From Vicodinland

Here is another update on the knee. As I said before, here and here, I made a concerted attempt o add new dimensions of movement to my left knee. It is fair to say that this particular joint was never designed, nor intended, to do anything but move front to back. HAH! I guess I fooled the creator. A little bit of creative, reckless driving and I fixed that. I turned my knee into a swivel all by myself. If it was not for that meddling doctor, I would still have all that neat extra range of motion.

All kidding aside, the doc did an excellent job. A little over two and a half months post-surgery and I have very little in the way of pain. I do still have foot-drop and the attendant step-gait, so I walk oddly, but that is going away little by little, and hopefully will be completely gone in time. I do still have numbness on the knee itself, between the incision locations, but that was expected and has lessened, and the medicos say might be upwards of a year or more to go go away, if ever. I do have normal, I think, feeling in the shin and most of my toes. The big toe, and top of my foot are still numb, but that is lessening as well. I still have trouble moving my foot and toes, from the swelling (still!), but as with my other issues, that is on the decline.

All-in-all I am recovering well. I use very little in the way of pain medication now, I can walk relatively normal, up stairs, but not down. I still find ramps and inclines a challenge, but I am no longer forced to use walking aides beyond a brace to help me not trip while walking. Again I thank all of my friends and readers who have wished me a full, and speedy, recovery. I have big news that I hope to get to after tomorrow's "Global Warming Wednesday" post, so make sure you stop by.

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