Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Global Warming Wednesday

Uh-Oh! Global cooling interfering with pro-illegal immigration


By Sam Foster

Obama's administration may not be willing to do anything to stop the influx of illegal immigration, so apparently father winter took matters into his own hands.

10 Dominican illegals were caught by surprise when they fled into abnormally chilly AL port. Authorities caught the suspects nearly frozen to death.

But they had been spotted from the tug boat that was pulling the barge and an all-night search involving border control officers ensued. They were found early Thursday morning huddled in a container yard.

Wearing only summer clothes, they were half frozen after a night outside in the cold snap that has hit the Deep South.

All were hospitalized with hypothermia and once they all recover they will be deported, Dabbs said.

Prediction: the Dominican's will sue and blame the US' CO2 usage as the reason they nearly died of hypothermia. The suit will then be used as Democrats to push cap and trade legislation.

Illegal immigration: Close your eyes -- it isn't there!


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