Monday, May 2, 2011

Adios Douchebag (And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust )

I love waking up to good news. A big round of applause to The Navy Seals, the CIA and even to The President for a job well done. My only regret is that The President treated this scum's carcass with dignity befitting a human, rather than the animal Bin Laden clearly was. Personally I do not think I would have just dumped him out to sea. I would have put that slime's head on a pike outside the White House where I could see my trophy from the windows of the Oval Office, and the American People could see it as well. I would also have sewed up the rest of the offal, read that as the rest of the asshole's body, in a pig's carcass after having a Marine piss on it and jam a pork chop up the ass. Then, just to make my point to all the other wanna-be terrorists, I would have aired the festivities on all the news channels, as well as on a constant repeating loop, complete with laugh track, on the White House Blog. I know it is supposed to be shameful to glory in the death of another, but I just do not have it in me to feel bad about it. Adios fucker! Justice is served, if a bit quickly for my preference. By the way, the weather where you are going is always HOT. Sun block recommendation, SPF 1,000,000.

Yes, I know the picture is a fake, but it still makes my point.


Unknown said...

I was so moved by this event that I felt compelled to express my feelings in a poem...

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thank you for your moving poem, and for reading. For those of us to lazy to visit the site, here is Oscar's poem:

So long, Osama

This here is a poem
I wrote it just because
I had a funny punchline
I don't remember what it was

It was something about Osama
That is all that I remember
Come to think, it wasn't funny
It was about the eleventh of September

Oh yes, it went something like...
May your ashes be fed upon by hemroid suffering fish who die of constipation so that
you rot for days in their smelly bowels before being filtered by a festering oyster. And
may that oyster be eaten by Michael Moore and give him food poisoning that causes
him to retch. And may that vomit be swept into the trash which is fed to a sick pig. And
may that pig die of the ebola virus and be incinerated...making you twice baked. Twice
baked potatoes bin Laden. was something like that, only better.