Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some People are too Studid to be Allowed Freedom

This afternoon I am having a cigarette during my break. I am all kicked back listening to the people around me talk. Due to the season it is all politics. This one young lady says that she is going to vote for that smarmy asshole Obama because he is, "cute and I think everyone should have health care." Not one person looked at her with disbelief. Now I can't say if Obama is cute or not, and by and large I think health care is a good thing, but I have decided that this chick is to insipidly stupid to be allowed to have a voice in the running of my country. We'll leave the cute thing aside as I am in no position to judge, but as to health care I have a few objections to a universal health care initiative. 1. English Teeth, - very frightening. 2. Canadian Health Care Waiting Periods - Most of the people I bring this point up too say it is only for elective surgery, if you need emergency care there is no waiting. Oh Really! Check this out. Now I grant that people die waiting here, but that is because of an openly cold and indifferent system as opposed to crappy service. I personally would rather be ignored by people who do not care than someone who really really is trying there best to help me. 3. Do you really want the idiots who let Wall Street fall, White Water and any number of other shenanigans happen in charge of your health. The idea frightens me, it really does. Many people like Obama, well good on them, I think they hate America and hate themselves. What other explanation for supporting a communist. But if you are gonna vote for the guy, at least know his policy, not cause he is cute. People like that should not be allowed to vote. Their pervasive idiocy proves it beyond a doubt. How can the future of our nation rest in the hands of people like this?