Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembrance

Here we are at the seventh anniversary of 9/11 and still we haven't dealt decisively with these terrorist assholes. Osama is still out there and it seems like all America cares about making sure the big scary guard dogs don't bark at the guests in Club Gitmo.
I spent today at the rodeo listening to the REAL people of this country remember this tragedy. They flew the flag at half mast and said a prayer right out in the open. Like many of you, I spent 9/11 glued to my TV watching as thousands of innocents suffered a fiery death. Unlike most, however, my anger unlike many in this country hasn't gone away or cooled in the slightest. I feel physically ill whenever someone says that if we could only understand these people and their grievances, we could have peace.
Peace sounds good to me too, but like anyone with half a brain, liberals need not apply, I know that there are many roads to peace. The only thing the Kool-Aid drinkers have right is the need to understand our enemies. We must understand our enemies so that when we communicate with them they realize we mean business. After all if we attempt to communicate above the level these people, and I use the term loosely, and they are unable to understand, then there will never be any understanding. The only form of communication these animals understand is blood and pain and suffering.
On this note we should all demand of our so-called leaders, that real and open communication be commenced immediately. We should rain down all the blood, pain and suffering these beasts can handle. We have the technology; we can rebuild the peace faster, stronger, better. Anybody who thinks that a Tomahawk cruise missile can not be equal to a diplomatic communique? If you said yes, I invite you to visit this site and think again.
I don't give a damn if a few terrorists had to make a pyramid while nude. Water boarding, we do it to our own troops to teach resistance to questioning, and you do not hear the libs crying about them. I don't really want these people drug before a judge and jury. Let's not waste the money and time that a trial takes. Let's bring the rain, they will understand that.