Monday, August 31, 2009

Repost - We Can't Stay Calm About THIS!

I got this from Amusing Bunni, who got it from Right Klik. Hat tips to them for bringing this to our attention. Like her, I did not think I could do more justice to this piece. I can't help but wonder when the medals for ratting out your friends and neighbors will be coming out?

We Can't Stay Calm About THIS!

Hello Patriots, Bunni Here! I'm very UN-CALM tonight. Look at this Screen Shot, It is from barack hussein obama's OWN website!
When I read this at work today, I nearly had a stroke from the nerve, hypocrisy & sheer evilness of it all! I wanted to do a blog post about it, but then I read RightKlik's Excellent summation of this blasphemous plan posted tonight!

RightKlik says it better than I could. Also, there are awesome links for you to Klik! I'm so mad now I might not be as measured and coherent as the post below, so I'm guest posting the whole sordid story of how obama and his democratic party are plotting on desecrating the solemn remembrance day of September 11th for their own nefarious purposes! Below is RightKlik's post:

On (Obama's "Organizing For America" headquarters), Team BO is declaring war on terrorism. On 9/11, O-heads all over the country will take a stand against the forces of evil by flooding the switchboards on Capitol Hill:

All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.

...because the conservative opposition is a man-made disaster waiting to happen!

More from MyBarackObama:

"ON ONE DAY you 'burn-up' the Senate Switchboards - THE NEXT DAY you've got the Senator's attention." We will achieve that effect, on Friday, Patriot Day 9/11.

Whoa...burning up the switchboards? That sounds very disruptive and very un-American! Don't forget what Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) recently said:

...[F]looding the switchboards on Capitol Hill...doesn’t prove much other than the switchboards have limited capacity, so we want to have a balanced approach that allows members of Congress to hear both sides of the story, rather than be sucker-punched, or sidetracked by these tactics.

I suppose a frenzy is un-American only if it whipped up by the Right Wing, and "sucker-punch" tactics are tantamount to terrorism only when Demokrats are being embarrassed.

Hat Tip: Adrienne


Fight back against Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists.

Video: Hypocritical, rabble-rousing Congresswoman has constituent arrested at town-hall forum.

Is It Or Isn't It? White House Spokesman Gibbs Uses Phrase "War On Terror." h/t: Chicago Ray

Does Barack Obama mind that his website is a sewer?

Democrats Drip with Disdain and Contempt for the American Public.

Health Care Legislation: Most Still Opposed
43% strongly oppose the legislation while 23% strongly favor it.

Ok, Patriots, Bunni back. I hope this makes you as mad as I am. These evil ratfinks MUST be stopped! You have my permission to post this all around. This needs to get ALL over the Net and airwaves! You can bet I'll be calling the two Illinois senators and letting them know exactly what I think! I also think this subject is tailor made for great speakers like Mr. Glenn Beck or Ms. Michelle Malkin to address on upcoming shows of theirs.

Hat tip to Right Klik: You can find the Original Post Here!

The rats have since removed this entry. They whitewash everything over and tell you it your fault for not understanding what they meant. The Chosen One is showing his true colors. Are we to ignore this brothers and sisters, or do we intend to stand our ground?

Joke of the Week 3.0

Hat Tip to G-Man for this one:


This week we celebrate a special birthday:

Monica Lewinsky turns 44.

Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday that she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, and putting everything in her mouth.

They grow up so fast .............

Joke of the Week 2.0

An Oldie but a goodie.

Dear Citizens,

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, I, President Barack Obama have decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 50 years of age and above on early retirement.

This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to Congress to be considered for the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW program (Scheme Covering Retired-Early Workers).

A person may be RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as I, President Barack Obama, deem appropriate.

Persons who have been RAPED could get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by me, President Barack Obama.

Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. I, President Barack Obama, have always prided myself on the amount of SHIT I give our citizens.

Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the attention of your Congressman, who has been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.


President Barack Obama

PS - Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

Joke of the Week

God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day...

He inquired, "Where have you been?"

God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"

"It's a planet," replied God, and I've put life on it... I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a place to test Balance."

"Balance?" inquired Michael, "I'm still confused."

God explained, pointing to different parts of earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over here I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things."

God continued pointing to different countries... "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."

The Archangel , impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land area and said, "What's that one?"

"That’s the State of Texas , the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and plains. The people from the State of Texas are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things."

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, "But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance..."

God smiled, "There’s Washington DC . ... Wait till you see the idiots I put there."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid Criminals

I thought I would take a break from politics today. In that vein, I offer you stupid criminals. These guys are the type we need to forcibly evict from the gene pool. Hope you enjoy.

Man gives license and runs. A local man is involved in a car accident. When the police arrive, the man gives his drivers license to the officer, and then literally turns and runs away. The officer doesn't give chase, but does check him through the computer. He has no warrants and is a valid driver. His car is also registered to him and everything is proper. The officer simply tows the man's car, drives over to his house and issues him a ticket.

The hitch-hiker Nashville, TN - A man hitch-hiking offers an off duty officer a bag of crack cocaine for a ride, and gets arrested.

A call to police by a Montgomery County motel manager over a guest's refusal to pay his bill has netted them a fully operational drug lab inside the guest's room.

Two boys in stolen car pull up to sobriety checkpoint. In Berks County (Pa.), police arrested a 16-year-old driver and his 19-year-old passenger in July in Exeter Township when the driver coolly pulled up to a sobriety checkpoint and told officers they were on the way to a party, even though both were obviously intoxicated; the car was littered with empty and open beer cans; and the boys looked much younger than 21 (the drinking age). And two other things: The car had been reported stolen, and in the back seat was a leather satchel containing various license plates, car titles and other motor-vehicle papers.

Man Jailed Minutes After Release. After serving eight months in Placer County jail for auto theft and drunken driving, Jessie * never got out of the facility's parking lot. Less than 15 minutes after being given his freedom, the 28 year old Loomis resident was back in jail for allegedly plotting a bank robbery with an undercover officer who met him in the parking lot.
Authorities had learned that Alexander planned to rob a bank within a week of being let out of jail. Four agencies arranged for an undercover officer to meet with Alexander in the parking lot. Alexander then solicited the undercover officer man's help for a bank robbery. He was arrested at 6:10 a.m. - just 14 minutes after he'd walked out of jail. Alexander is charged with soliciting another person to commit a felony and is being held on 30,000.00 bail.

STEVENS POINT, Wis. -- A woman didn't have to look far to figure out who likely broke into her home and took a camera from her purse. Police said the burglar left behind his probation and parole card.

Bank Robber returns to bank to open account. 11/25/01: A man without principle attracted a lot of interest after he returned to a Queens bank he had robbed to open up a savings account there, police said. "What a dope!" said one amazed police official, who could barely contain his laughter. "This guy has to get the jackass of the year award. I guess that's why they call them 'criminals' - they're just sometimes really stupid." Police say Jack Schreiner, 30, strolled into a Chase Manhattan Bank branch at 84-01 Jamaica Ave. at 10:30 last Monday and handed a teller a note demanding money. The teller complied and surrendered $7,791 in cash. On Friday, Schreiner returned to the bank at 11:24 a.m. - this time to open up a savings account. After the manager and teller verified the man was the original bank robber, the police were called and were able to catch their man.

An elderly Florida lady did her shopping, and upon returning to her car, found four males in the act of leaving with her vehicle. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of her voice, "I have a gun, and I know how to use it! Get out of the car!" The four men didn't wait for a second invitation. They got out and ran like mad. The lady, somewhat shaken, then proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back of the car and get into the driver's seat. She was so shaken that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and then it dawned on her why. A few minutes later she found her own car parked four or five spaces farther down. She loaded her bags into the car and then drove to the police station. The sergeant to whom she told the story nearly tore himself in two with laughter. He pointed to the other end of the counter, where four pale men were reporting a car jacking by a mad, elderly woman described as white, less than five feet tall, glasses, curly white hair, and carrying a large handgun.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marine Tells It Like It Is

This Marine might very well be my new personal hero. Everyone should listen to what this Veteran had to say at a town hall meeting. I highly recommend this video. It is funny, poignant and He really tells off Representative Brian Baird. By the way Congressman.....Don't touch my health care and stay away from my kids as well.

Tip O' the Hat to Lars Larson for bringing this to our attention.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Caption It

I saw this picture and I thought it an excellent candidate for everyone to add their own caption.

Do It For Teddy

The Left is oozing so much over their fallen saint that it is almost sickening. All that I saw in the news all day, and on the TV as I passed the break room was updates on where Kennedy' corpse was. I am almost surprised that Pelosi did not stick a GPS is his box so all the leftists could get real-time position updates on their iPhones. Also I want to know what that obese booze-hound did to deserve a burial in Arlington National Cemetery? That is where this country buries the honored dead. Unless abandoning helpless young women to their deaths is now deemed honorable and I just didn't get the memo, he should have been planted elsewhere.

Pelosi thinks that Kennedy's death will reinvigorate health care. That we should do this in his name. I would say that I predicted this, but honestly, who did not see this coming? I have news for her however, It is going to take more than defibrillators to bring back either of them. The Chosen One, Pelosi and Dingy Harry have lied to us from the beginning about this obamanation of a bill. From death panels that were not really there, yet removed when Palin called them on it, to being able to choose to keep your plan, how gracious of them, or to go to a "public option" that you can not get off once they have sucked you on to it. They have lied to try to get us to pay cash for this clunker using a postal service that is eleven million dollars in debt as a role model for government success.

The neo-libs have finally gotten what they asked for, a public that is participating in the process and oh how they a regretting that now. Odd how they insult the populace when they get what they have been asking for for decades. They are liars and hypocrites one and all.

The goal now is to keep up the anger and awareness so that they can not slip this past us. We can not give in to some misguided sense of guilt just because a man who would have been allowed to die with nothing more than a pain pill had he not been a Senator and the Left's patron saint kicked off. The dieing wish of a dead man, nor all the bleeding hearts of the world will make this sow's ear into a silk purse. That they think we are gullible enough to buy this line, that they are even invoking a dead man, be he ever so great, shows their arrogance, ignorance and consummate lack of class or taste.

Due to this lack of class, it should come as no surprise then that Kennedy, prior to his death, attempted to change the law he helped pass, to maintain the Left's stranglehold on the democratic process, nor that the other leftists are continuing on with the effort. Kennedy supported a bill that would make sure that a Republican governor could not replace Lurch with another republican if he had been elected president. Now this is biting them in the ass, and they do not like it. Typical, as soon as they change the rules to make it easier for the politically disabled, the winds of change blow through and they want to change the rules again. They made their bed, now let them sleep in it.

We will continue to oppose this bill because we can see it for what it is, a way for the left to gain control over one of the fundamental choices in our lives, and if you think they will ever let go, you are living in a dream world. Keep your grubby paws off my health care, stop trying to guilt me and stop thinking I and my brothers and sisters are fools. We see you for who you are, and not only do we despise you, we will not let you drag us and our great nation into the slime pit of National Socialism. I will pay for my own health needs before I succumb to ChappaquidiCare.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gun Control is Being Able to Hit Your Target 2.0

I got to tired to write the post I was going to. Since many seemed to enjoy this yesterday, here are more 2nd Amendment posters. I will try to do my ChappaquidiCare Post tomorrow. Until then, enjoy these.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seantor Kennedy Dies at age 77

I was getting ready to write a scathing post of the Democrats and their socialist agenda, when I came across the news that Ted Kennedy has died. I am not sure what to write on this. I considered this man my sworn enemy, so I should be dancing in the street. I find myself surprised that I am not that hateful. The best I can say about the man's passing is, I will pray for your passing, and for your family. I have a feeling that as a Catholic who supported abortion, he will need all the prayers he can get. Out of respect for the dead and the grieving family, I will refrain from suggesting that our nation is better off without this person muddying up the gene pool. Many, even on the right, are asking that we put aside partisan politics. BULLSHIT!

I KNOW the drive-by media and the neo-lib lawmakers will be sickeningly sweet about the man in the next few days, no matter how little he deserves it. There will be no mention of Chappaquiddick or Mary Jo Kopechne. The Chosen One, or his gang of idiots, will gloss over that and try to guilt us into passing his lousy CommieCare plan in Kennedy's name. It will be tactless and tasteless, a hallmark of this administration, and blatant use of a dead man's memory for political gain. I will not be complicit with this. This bill is on the ropes, and I for one intend to press the attack until it is as dead as Kennedy, and screw the murdering bastard!

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

This week's patriot is Benjamin Franklin. As you know, unless you went to public school in the '90's where it was unfashionable to actually educate anybody, Doctor Franklin was one of the founding fathers of this greatest nation on earth. His ideals and philosophies, more than any other, defined our system of government. Franklin was a true renaissance man who had interests in many aspects of the natural word and applied sciences.

Franklin fought for his fledgling nation both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table. One can rest assured that without his efforts, we Americans would all still be subjects of the British Crown. Franklin's role in the drafting of both the Deceleration of Independence, and the constitution were pivotal to the nation that was born in 1776, and the freedoms, we the descendants of the Revolution, now enjoy.

Franklin was a visionary in the realm of equal rights. He lobbied intensely for the abolition of slavery, and the integration of all men into the greater American society. I think that he would be thrilled that his people could overcome racist feelings enough to elect a black man to the office of president, if not the specific man who was elected.

Doctor Franklin sacrificed much to bring about our nation. He missed the death of his wife while lobbing for greater freedom for the colonists, and even gave a son to the alter of freedom. Benjamin Franklin was a great man and patriot. If more people were willing to follow the example he set, it would do much to right the wrongs in this world.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Joke of the Week 2.0

The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama. The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission
presented the following findings:

The stamp is in perfect order. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive. People are spitting on the wrong side.

Another Government Hit?

I received this hit this morning.

The question is, is this a hit from a resident in D.C., or the feds spoofing another Domain? I hope it is the feds, and wish that they would identify themselves, damn it I want my props. Oh well, you get what you get. I will continue to shoot for the top slot on the enemies list, and can't help but wonder, how much tax-payer money is being wasted on the government's domestic spying operations on the internet?

Joke of the Week

For those of you who slept through World History 101 here is a condensed version. Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

The two most important events in all of history were:
1. The invention of beer, and.......
2. The invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer, and the beer to the man.

These facts formed the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups:

1. Liberals
2. Conservatives.

Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed.

Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what is known as the Conservative movement.

Other men who were weaker and less skilled at hunting learned to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly BBQ's and doing the sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the Liberal movement.

Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. The rest became known as girlie-men.

Some noteworthy liberal achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy and group hugs, the evolution of the Hollywood actor, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide all the meat and beer that conservatives provided.

Over the years, Conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant. Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.

Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare. Another interesting evolutionary side note: most liberal women have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, personal injury attorneys, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood and group therapists are liberals.

Conservatives drink domestic beer. They eat red meat and still provide for their women. Conservatives are big-game hunters, rodeo cowboys, firemen, lumberjacks, construction workers, medical doctors, police officers, corporate executives, athletes, Marines, and generally anyone who works productively. Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work for a living.

Liberals produce little or nothing. They like to govern the producers and decide what to do with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were coming to America . They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a business of trying to get more for nothing.

Here ends today's lesson in world history.

Certified Fishy

After my visit from the feds, I feel I have earned a certified fishy badge. Anyone know where I can get one?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hillary's Temper Tantrum

The Department of State came and looked over my modest contribution to the blogosphere. I of course reciprocated and went to their site. While I was there I wondered if any comment was made on Hillary's temper tantrum in Congo. You know, I looked and looked in the Africa Tour Diary, yet there was no comment or mention. Hmmmm? I wonder why I could not find this little gem no matter how hard I looked.

I have translated this for you, dear reader. I amazingly translates as, "Pay attention to me! Love me! I am not marginalized! I am an important person doing an important job. Don't ignore me! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

If you work in the State Department, this is the type of person you work for. Oddly I see this manner of behavior everyday. In my case, it is from my three month old daughter when she is cranky.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Soldier's Oath

"I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

In the summer of 1997 I raised my right hand and took this oath. At the time it was just words, but the seed of understanding was planted. Later, after the Army and I parted company, I began to understand the words, what the mean, and what they mean to me. First let's dissect this thing.

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"
I pledged that I would defend, and to a soldier this means putting my own self between my homeland and war's desolation, the founding principles that this nation was founded on. No enemy was explicitly stated, but it was implied that this unnamed enemy was anyone who attacked, through any means, those principles, be they other Americans or people from elsewhere.

"that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same"

I affirmed that I meant these words with my heart of hearts, and that I would be loyal to this nation and those principles I mentioned earlier.

"and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

That would follow all lawful orders, as defined by the U.C.M.J., even if it would mean my death.

"So help me God."
That I would keep this oath, and in times of flagging faith, I was calling upon the aid from a power higher than myself.

As I said, I was a kid when I took this oath. We had dissected it in school, but I was unprepared for the weight of the thing as it came crashing over me. I took the oath and did my service, still not knowing what I had commit myself to.

Now I am older, and hopefully wiser. It is hard to think of myself as more foolish than the snot nosed punk I was. I now understand the oath and what it means. Some might say it is a little late to worry about it now. To them I say, where do you see any time limitations or expiration dates? The answer is, you don't.

While I am no longer in the service, and as such no longer have to take orders from anybody I do not grant that authority to, nor am I subject to the U.C.M.J., the rest applies until I die. As such it is my duty to identify the enemies of my nation, and bring about their demise.

We have many external enemies. most however are barely worth the waste of time to write about. There is the Potbellied dog-eating dictator in North Korea, or that whack-job Ahmadinejad over in Iran. Neither seems, to me, like a real credible threat at this time. Lob a few Tomahawk missiles when they aren't looking and it will all be over. China is somewhat of a threat, but by and large the ChiComms just want tomorrow to be pretty much like today. Terrorists are a threat, but vigilance and applied force has largely neutralized them for the nonce, but we still must be ready and waiting lest they drill us again.

So who is the most dangerous threat to our nation at this time? Some unknown terrorist group? Some nation-state laboring in secret to sneak a suitcase nuke into New York Harbor? Cobra Commander? No the greatest threat imperiling our nation is not massing on our borders, they are already here. The are the neo-lib leftists. Many of them have obtained power over our government structure. Several of them have obtained the highest levels of power. Our own leaders, including the president, are the greatest threat to freedom, the traditions of our nation and the principles America was founded upon.

This gang of idiots is a clear and present danger to the national security, freedom and The Constitution. They undermine our national credibility. The openly say they are not proud of this nation. They travel about the world apologizing for perceived wrongs we have perpetrated against the the peace, the world and the environment. They lie to us, cheat us and steal from us. This is not to say that there are not those on the right that have done all of this and more, but they have not done it as part of a concerted effort to undermine this greatest nation of earth.

As I said, I once gave my oath to defend this nation. I try everyday to denounce the lies of the left. I do not let them bully or pressure me. I do not back down in the face of their threats. Their cries of racism fall off of me like water from a duck's back. I know who and what I am, and no amount of sheep bleating will deter me. I also know who and what they are. They are an enemy to be destroyed. I choose at this time to attack with thoughts, words, logic and facts. I know this confuses and frightens them. A frightened enemy makes many mistakes that can be exploited.

Many are calling for armed revolution to take back our nation. I sympathize with these sentiments, but do not agree that our nation as so far gone as that. I call on my conservative brothers and sisters to step back from that position. We can still win by doing as we have been doing in the last month. Do not keep silent. Go to meetings. Force them to answer. When they evade, call them on it. When they lie, cram the truth of their lies down their throats. Expose them for the poltroons they are. Killing our brothers and sisters is a step we should not enter lightly into. It may become necessary to rise up with force of arms, but only after all other options are exhausted. A live enemy can always be made dead later, but a live friend and partner will build a society to greatness. Remember, we are the majority, and the only way we will lose is by our complicity and silence. We are silent no more. The Left has awakened the sleeping giant. The same giant that awoke and destroyed Germany and Japan. I also plead to you, do not go back to sleep. Each battle we win brings us closer to the prize, but only if we press the attack and proceed to victory. If we return to quiesence after the battle is won, we WILL lose the war for America.

To the Left I say, do NOT mistake these words for cowardice or timidity. If it came down to a choice of losing my freedom or cutting your throat, I would do so with no qualms, and my only regret would be that my nation has fallen so far that only blood will win her back. I will die on my feet before I beg on my knees.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jealous No More

The Gestapo recently stopped by to check on the ol' Right Wing Extreme blog.

Yes I finally got my visit from the government. The State Department spy got to my site from In a Handbasket, so congratulations and thanks to Miss T.C. Shore. Like my friends, the government has come to verify that I am exposing their lies. Anticipating a visit from the government, I had already left a little gift for their viewing enjoyment. I do admit that the title of this post is somewhat a lie, G-Man got a visit from the White House, and Defiant Infidels got the Department of Homeland Security. I mean a visit from the Department of State is awfully similar to getting the Bronze Medal in the Olympics, especially since The Chosen One has marginalized Secretary Clinton. It shows that you have some talent, but that you are just not quite good enough to rate better notice. Oh well, I guess that I will just have to try harder. Look for a post tonight or tomorrow to honor my visitor's distinguished boss.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

I am a bit late on the Heroes post this week due to my large honeydo list and my wife's on-line classes taking up my computer time. Having said that, I apologize for the lateness of this post. This Week's Heroes and Patriots goes out to a brave group of men and women who embody the best qualities of both heroes and patriots. This group stands up for American freedom all over the world, and is prepared to lay down their lives at any moment for that freedom. This group is much lambasted by the neo-libs, so as the Left's sworn enemy, I laud these men and women. Many of you have guessed by now that I speak of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. I got the idea for this post from listening to Lars Larson's Monday show. Lars is a radio talk show host, here in the Northwest Command area, who's step-son recently left for Marine boot camp. Listening to Lars tell the world, and his step-son who had phoned from M.E.P.S., how proud he and his wife were of the young man got me to thinking. Listening to the audience tell how proud and grateful they were for the young man's future service, and stories of their friends, family and own service, got me writing. I ask all of my readers to thank a soldier if the opportunity presents itself. If you are out and see one of our boys and girls, buy them a drink and tell them their efforts and sacrifices are not in vain. And never doubt that they sacrifice. Even if a soldier is not wounded in combat, be does damage to his body humping huge packs across training fields and break ankles marching over gopher holes. Beyond this they often leave their family for periods of training, and deployments where it is possible the next time their families will see them will be in a box. Expecting your husband or daughter to return home, and instead receiving the cold comfort of a folded flag because your loved one didn't make it represents the ultimate in sacrifices. These men and women do this for you brothers and sister. They deserve our thanks, our love our respect and our prayers for their safety. I admit to being biased but we need to do the best we can by and for these brave soles who put their own precious bodies between their beloved home and wars desolation. On this note I ask all who read this to go to the comments section and put down the name of a current or former veteran of military service, including yourself, so we can read the names of those who are ready to give all for our nation and give them the honor they are due. I will start us off:
I am a vet. Go Army (hoorah!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Something for the Administration to Ponder

In case none of you know, Honduras recently had an uprising. Their president would not obey their constitution, so they threw the bum out. They did not kill him, and their is not some two-bit corporal calling himself grand imperial leader or some such nonsense. Instead the supreme court of that country ordered the military to remove him. This could be a model for what we need to do with our leader that will not follow OUR constitution. The Chosen One and his gang or idiots might want to keep this in mind as they call a large number of angry Americans fakes, Nazis and kooks. Maybe ponder this result when they spit on our nation and force Marxist policies on us. I am sure their buddy Hugo will keep a light on for them. Mr. President, our nation operates under the principle of Sola Constitutiones Principis. For those who don't speak Latin, that means "By the Constitution Alone." It took me a good while to look up the correct translation and to properly conjugae it, but it was worth it. We are mad, we are angry, and we vote.

Joke of the Week

Why Beer Is Better Than Obama

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." --Benjamin Franklin

Beer is better than Obama because soldiers like beer.
Beer is better than Obama because sailors like beer.
Beer is better than Obama because marines like beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't come from Madrassas.
Beer is better than Obama because you know what's in beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer won't take half your paycheck.
Beer is better than Obama because beer makes life a little better.
Beer is better than Obama because you're sad if there's no more beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't lie.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't have entitlement demands.
Beer is better than Obama because beer and whine don't mix.
Beer is better than Obama because beer has a pretty good head on it.
Beer is better than Obama because beer and bowling go together.
Beer is better than Obama because beer and arugula don't.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn’t mind if you cling to your beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn’t trash talk you behind your back.
Beer is better than Obama because cold beer disproves the myth of man made global warming.
Beer is better than Obama because imported beer doesn’t pretend to be domestic.
Beer is better than Obama because beer likes it when I set my thermostat COLD.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is GREEN only on St. Patrick’s Day.
Beer is better than Obama because beer didn’t smoke pot and snort coke.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is better than Vichy Water.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is unpretentious.
Beer is better than Obama because people in small towns cling to God, guns and beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't promise you a free lunch.
Beer is better than Obama because there ain't no Pabst Bilal* Ribbon. Not yet anyway.
*"Bilal - Satisfies thirst; name of the Prophets Muezzin (one who calls for prayer)"
Beer is better than Obama because beer won’t throw you under the bus.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't cut and run.
Beer is better than Obama because beer isn't phony.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't flip-flop.
Beer is better than Obama because beer’s ingredients known for sure.
Beer is better than Obama because beer makes people happy.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is as American as apple pie.
Beer is better than Obama because beer isn't promoted on National Public Radio.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't mind if you own an SUV.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't care how much you make.
Beer is better than Obama because a beer won't blame America for 9/11.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't whine, it bubbles.
Beer is better than Obama because beer isn't a lawyer.
Beer is better than Obama because beer comes with an expiration date.
Beer is better than Obama because beer and NASCAR go together.
Beer is better than Obama because you're not afraid to turn your back on a beer.
Beer is better than Obama because beers don't have friends who bombed the pentagon.
Beer is better than Obama because an empty beer is better than an empty suit.
Beer is better than Obama because beer minds its own business.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't tell you what you want to hear.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is worth what you pay for it.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't lecture you about "global warming."
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't care what color you are.
Beer is better than Obama because beer doesn't want to take away your gun.
Beer is better than Obama because beer is popular with working people.
Beer is better than Obama because beer isn't crazy.
Beer is better than Obama because beers don't start out as empties.
Beer is better than Obama because beers don't rig elections.
Beer is better than Obama because beers don't raise taxes.
Beer is better than Obama because beer and coke don't mix.
Beer wants to make you sociable; Obama wants to make you socialist.
Beer is better than Obama because no matter how often you pee, you can't rid yourself of Obama.
A beer hangover means you had a good time; an Obama hangover means the good times are gone.
Beer will make the ball game more fun; Obama will tax your balls off.
Too much beer means some of us will occasionally have to say "I'm sorry." Too much Obama means we're all gonna be very, very sorry for a long, long time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Snitch Line Closed

I tried to turn myself in again and this is what I received:

Reporting-MTA: dns;

Received-From-MTA: dns;SNT121-W38
Arrival-Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 23:00:06 -0700

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.1
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.2.1 ... The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service.We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:

I guess all comments and concerns should go here: I wonder if enough of us gripe, if we can clog the server. Keep the pressure on 'em brothers and sisters.

I could find no way to send Dear Leader our concerns about "Fishy" information. If anyone knows how to turn in your friends and neighbors now, please drop me a line. I am just aching to turn in those evil rightwing extremists.

---------UPDATE 2.0---------
Never mind, it is near the bottom on the right, anyone see any irony in that, clearly labeled "Contact Us." Tired and blind I guess.

---------UPDATE 3.0---------
After finding the "Contact Us" button I turned myself in for all of the "Fishy" posts I put up over the weekend. I still have not heard from The Chosen One. I guess I will write until they block me or answer me.

Chuck Norris on CommieCare

This is for my good friend BlueWolfess. She is a HUGE fan of Chuck, so I decided to find out if he had any public thought on The Chosen One's CommieCare. This post is just for you Blue, enjoy.

Chuck Norris weighs in on Obamacare: Martial-arts star no fan of proposed health-care reforms

Now the health-care debate is getting really rough. Chuck Norris is in the room. The martial-arts expert, star of TV's "Walker, Texas Ranger" and clearly a conservative in the political ring, has a few thoughts about so-called "Obamacare" -- the health reforms that President Barack Obama is promoting. "I decided to research the reasons so many are opposed to Obamacare to separate the facts from the fantasy," Norris wrote in an online essay at "What I discovered is that there are indeed dirty little secrets buried deep within the 1,000-plus page health care bill." "Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare," Norris notes: "Home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children" ... providing parents with "knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains ... modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices." "Are you kidding me?" Norris asks. No kidding, respond those who lash back at Norris' karate chop on Obamacare. The home support proposed in the House bill is voluntary, they say. The black-belt master, a supporter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republican, in the last presidential campaign, may have won a middleweight karate championship in 1968 and starred alongside Bruce Lee in "Way of the Dragon." But his credentials in the health-care debate of 2009 are another matter. Even if his tears really could cure cancer.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Symbol for the Medical Field?

My dad sent this to me. Thanks dad.

To prepare for the new health care reform package, it was necessary to develop a new medical symbol that truly depicts the situation!

Go Flag Yourself

Here is a new movement taking place on the blogosphere.

I flagged myself a week ago, before it was the cool thing to do (I am once again, a trend setter j/k). I had to do it myself because none of my friends would do it for me. }:( I have since flagged every post I put up dealing with CommieCare. If I am lucky I will get a visit from the White House like some of my friends did. In case they visit I have added a special picture just for them:

I found the letter I sent to the White House. All are encourage to write to and tell them what you think of CommieCare. If you do not want to write your own letter, you are welcome to use mine. All I ask is that you drop a line in my comments telling me that you wrote these fascists. So here is my protest letter:

To whom it may Concern,

There is a gentleman on television that is telling vicious lies and half-truths about the proposed health-care legislation. He is grossly misrepresenting the facts and spreading fear of the proposed plan among the population. This man is extremely dangerous, and his lies must be stopped. As this man is of some minor importance, the media is constantly covering his lies and fear-mongering. Please, please put a stop to this man's tirades on health care as soon as is possible. The man's name is Barrack Hussein Obama. I can not reiterate it enough, this man is extremely dangerous and divisive.

How dare you encourage the American people to turn each other in. This is in the worst traditions of the Soviets. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I have been posting regularly on the proposed legislation, and I intend to continue to do so. My blog may only have a small following, but I am doing my part to denounce this blatant power grab. That this country has come to the point where the government feels justified in making important decisions for me, encouraging others to turn me in for my political/policy beliefs and foisting substandard care on my family and myself is a travesty. GET OUT OF MY HEALTH CARE. Shame on all of you for your Orwellian tactics. This is blowing up in your faces, and you are either to arrogant, or to blind to realize it. We do NOT want you in our health care, and soon you will see that we do not want you in office.

Right Wing Extreme

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Repost - You Decide

I am no more shameless than Fuzzy's Dad at Musings of a Vast Right-Winger, who I stole this from:

You Decide

I shamelessly swiped this from Miss T.C.Shore over at In A Handbasket.
Stop by and tell her fuzzysdad sent you.

The administration is big into symbolism.

They have now picked a symbol for the "Nationalist-Socialist Health Care System." (I think I'm going to start calling it "NaziCare.")

Here is the symbol, next to another well recognized symbol. Are they eerily similar?

I'll let you make the call.

Another One Bites the Dust

On Wednesday August 5 the CIA killed this terrorist asshole with a Hellfire Missile launched from a Predator Drone in South Waziristan, Pakistan. This man, Baitullah Mehsud, was the Al-Qaeda chief in the region. He was reportedly killed along with one of his two wives. Before everyone gets all enraged about the splash damage that claimed the life of his wife, I say to freakin' bad. Pardon my callousness, but I see no harm in taking out this guy or his family. The offer him aid and succor and as such, valid military targets. One less person to bring the next generation of terrorists into the world. I hope you are roasting in hell as I write. Don't worry, more will be along shortly to keep you company.

Just after I wrote this post, I found this little jewel: U.S. Missile Hits Pakistani Taliban Hideout. Death toll has been placed between eight and fourteen. Say hello to Baitulla fellows.

---------UPDATE 2.0---------
The Pakistanis used helicopter gunships to pound Taliban sites all over northwest Pakistan. The death toll is a minimum of twelve, but believed to be higher. Bye bitches. I bet they never thought their seventy-two virgins would be male demons ass raping them. Just an FYI to the Pakistani military, I prefer my terrorists medium-rare.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Declare the Revolution

I sit here in my comfy chair and ponder the direction my country is headed. I can not decide if it is Stalinist socialism or Hitler's Nation Socialist hell that we are careening towards. Either way I do not like it. We are being led by our noses by our president and his gang of thugs in both houses of congress and their water carriers in Hollywierd and the drive-by media. Our so-called leaders are masters of the spin game and agitprop, and are using these skills to remake our country into a new Workers' Paradise. Let me put it in no uncertain terms: I DO NOT WANT IT!!!

During the election I was deeply concerned with what a leftist victory would mean to this country. After the election, I did not like the one that my fellow citizens had chosen to lead us., but decided to give Dear Leader a chance. I considered myself part of the loyal opposition, and as such, would support my president but keep a close eye on what he and his band of merry men were doing. I was saddened when I later found all my worse fears, the ones I never mentioned, coming true.

There are those who doubted that Dear Leader was born in America, and at first I doubted. I thought it the height of craziness that this man had not been vetted. My father, as stolid and unexcitable, in regards to politics, a man as ever lived even started looking into this. I told him that being a smarmy bastard didn't not make him born elsewhere. I offer as proof the legions of smarmy bastards that are beyond a doubt born here. Yes they are among us, and the vote Democrat. Now we are nearing the eighth month of his rein, and all we have seen as proof of citizenship is a document that is missing characteristics that would make it legal, and redacted information. The administration has spent huge sums of money, on the close order of a million dollars, to suppress records, including the birth certificate, from coming to light. This started to concern me.

Over lunch one day, I suggested to G-Man that what we needed was a soldier to refuse orders based on The Chosen One's ineligibility to issue them. To be honest, he scoffed at the notion, and heaped derision upon it. About a month later, we get the case of Major Cook refusing his deployment on just those grounds. All G-Man could say, "Figures it was an 11-Bang Bang." In his defense he was a Cav Scout, not a lot of love lost between the Cavalry and the Infantry. Result: His orders are changed, and the administration side steps the issue yet again.

There are those who would call me a "birther." I have two issues with that. First, what a dumb handle to put on someone. I mean honestly, is that the best that you could come up with? Secondly, I am not a birther. I am suspicious of a politician who tries to hide something so innocuous as their birth certificate, especially when they are the leader of "the most transparent administration in history."

I can think of only two reasons for these evasions. The first is that the administration is laboring under the delusion that addressing the attack gives it credence. This is a silly notion. If The Chosen One were to produce his birth certificate, it would not only cut the legs out from the accusation, but it would also discredit a large number of the administration's detractors. This type of rebuttal, and the effects it would have on the credibility of those make the claims, is the sort political playing card that politicians wet themselves over.

The only other reason to hide his personal documents, is to hide something embarrassing. Besides where he was born, I can not imagine what The Chosen One might wish to hide on his birth certificate, or what other documentation he is suppressing. I am not sure where the president was born. I am skeptical of those who claim he was born in Kenya, but I am equally skeptical of someone who goes to such great lengths to suppress the truth, no matter what that truth is.

As I said, the neo-libs are masters of spin and propaganda. It is the first instinct of these cowards to lie, like a reflex. When their people show up to a town hall they are righteously indignant conscientious grass-roots objectors. When conservatives show up they are AstroTurf, Brownshirts and puppets of military-industrial complex. This is a LIE! These are angry people who are fed up with the left, and their communist political agenda. We do not want CommieCare. We want REAL health care reform. We want tort reform, an end to government mandates and we want CHOICE. We do not want the left's lies and platitudes.

I have news for you leftists, unless the protesters are paid to be there, it is grass roots. Your side buses people in to protest everything from election results, to the cutting down of trees. When an organization gathers its followers to attend a protest, the one who got them together is a community organizer. When the right does the same, it is fake and a conspiracy. So what do the left's leaders do when a little opposition shows up? Unwilling to face the public's anger, they run and hide. This public backlash is why they wanted to foist CommieCare on us before the break, they were frightened of the people.

So why are the left such cowards? It is because there is no strength there. The left's only power lies in pursuading others they are weak. That is why they throw out the race card and impede free speech, why they call real anger from real Americans, bought and paid for AstroTurf and why they ask for Americans to snitch on one another. These people represent the lowest common denominator. They hate those who have pulled themselves up and made something of themselves. Our drive, determination and success throws their laziness, mediocrity and flaws into sharp relief.

There are a lot of good, kindly people who vote Democrat. Nine out of ten of them are soft in the head, the tenth is ignorant. Even though most of the neo-libs are not bad people per se, their misguided beliefs make them the enemy. So having pointed out that the leftists are the enemy and why, now I will tell you how to identify them.

Identifying a leftist can be hard in this time of buyers remorse, when even die hard Dems are removing their Obama bumper stickers. Most liberals believe that water runs downhill, but praise God, it will never reach the bottom. This is evidenced by Dear Leader's deficit spending, which even he knows is unsustainable, and his followers belief that he wants what is best for America and will only tax the rich. They feel guilt for actions that they never participated in, and might not have even been alive for. The want to pass laws, not to prevent them from doing something they know the should not be doing, but to stop everyone else from doing something they disagree with. Hence the proposed fine for not having insurance.

What do we do about it I hear you ask? I have said it before, and I will say it over and over until we all get the point. When they attack us with baseless accusations, especially calling us racists, turn it back on them. Fight them with facts, press on in the face on adversity and call them on there lies. When they call on you to snitch, call them on it. Report them to their own rat line. This is your chance to regain your country. Resistance is effective. It has been proven time and again by the fighting Irish, the deathless Poles, and by our own Apache Indians, that you cannot conquer a free man, you can only kill him. We must vote the present liberal encumbrances (incumbents) out. The betrayers as well. Stand with me brothers and sister, together we will win. Show your support by flying the Solidarnosc Logo. Attend the town halls and ask the hard questions, but be respectful. After all, we are NOT the left, and their own tactics frighten and confuse them. Stand with me and declare the revolution. A revolution not of violence or of blood, it is not time for that yet and God willing, will not be necessary. Declare a revolution of ideas and of votes. Let us remove the cancer that infests our state houses and governors' mansions. Let us tear out the blight in Washington, root and branch. Let us toss out those who fail to represent the people, but serve only their own self-interest. We must replace them with thoughtful, freedom loving men and women. I pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to taking back my country. I will struggle everyday toward that end. I will NOT stand idly by. I will NOT be silenced by the p.c. mafia thugs. I call upon all of you, right and left, who see the road we are careening down, and are willing to stand up and say, NO MORE! In the face of an attack on our country such as is being undertaken by the left, a free man says, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Join me brothers and sisters.